Now, I am typing a memories,
As I grasp for more air,
you and me and that brief knowing phase.

The stories once told,
It was sweet.
Somehow surprising,
To the extend I could smiling all day,
Now it's too distant,
To myself, I'll be lying,
That tomorrow should be vanished.

As I stucked myself on the bed,
Looking at the star outside the window,
I saw that shiny star turned dull, duller .. even dullest,
That is an abolished dream.

What if we had never meet,
I would never understand ,
The complicity of the heart,
and the abysmall mind.

Do you still like me?
Yes still, but I can't.
You are a ghost,
That you can never really hold,
.. I have no soul and I could hurt you.

Things were not supposed to end this way,
...This little poems filled with implicit important.

... be a good person, because we never know when we will die.