You know, I was terrified whenever I saw a cat coming to me, especially kitten, maigod, they are so young and immature that they don't know how to take care of a girl's reputation. Anyway, they are cute and active. They could run as fast as they can.. but you know that is the scariest part. It's seriously not cool seeing a girl screaming because of the cat, a kitten some more, and when the girl screamed, you know what happen? GIRL'S REPUTATION GO DOWN STEEPLY. Credibility? vanished. 

But, you know, all the people in my house are so cat-philic and I am a cat-phobic. In fact, they have a cat house in my house yard.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Today, we had a guest during lunch, an aunty. I know who she is, and she has a son, if I am not mistaken, he turned 28 years old this year, (if i'm not mistaken), I forgot what he does, unmarried yet. 

A year ago, my dad called me when I was in UKM talking about life and he said: 
"That aunty wants to introduced you to her son, but I don't want. I told her that you are still studying"

Mom told me: 

"I don't want to interfere with your bussiness in finding your soulmate, whoever it is, I am going to accept that"

So, this aunty was so kepoh chitchatting with my parents about an issue, and finally she asked: 

"Eh, where is your eldest anak dara? Is she still in school studying?"

"No lah, there she is, eh come, go salam your aunty"

"Aunty, how are you?"

She nodded and smiling

"She still does not know how to cook, still wake up very late, dunno lah with girls nowadays" Suddenly mom complained..

Wah, I think this is the first time I heard mom killed me in front of the guest. She never talk bad about me. but today is totally weird and just why?

Honestly, I understand why mom acted like that. HAHA. 

And.. that aunty asked me to come and talk to her as well, maigod, this is the first time, I really need Yna's and Mom's cats to intrude in my peaceful life, and I was ready to scream whenever they come, because you know, girl screaming will dismantle all the perfection, beauty, intelligence that she had. 

Maigod, when is the cat coming.. where are you.. cat.. eh no, this time I want kitten.. oh cutie kitten.. where are you.. my heart was totally crooning.


"So, how was your study?"

"Oh, I am currently waiting for a graduation day and relaxing at home, aunty, who sent you here?"

"Oh, your sister just now dropped me here and later she will fetch me up, usually, when D is home, he will drive me anywhere. You know D right?"

"Oh, who is D aunty? I never meet him and I don't really know him, I only know Kak Zana"

"Yah, because you were so little, you grown up, you entered  a boarding school, then university and now u are a pretty lady. D is handsome, later when he come home, I will bring D here"

"Really, which one is handsome aunty, D or my boyfriend? "I showed her the photo.
(Basically, it's some random photo)

"Oh, this one is your boyfriend ah?"

I laugh. The older generation thinks, laughing, smiling and silent means, it's true. But, the younger generation would bring an interpretation of it : might be true and might be wrong.

I laughed, smiled and silent.

That typical aunty 
(I should not blog about this.. oh, it's okay, that aunty is so technology-blind)