I was once had a thought to cut all the connections I had once I leave UKM. The main reason was because, my place is over the sea and due to the difference, I seem to have a hard time to click with them. In which their voice sounds normal, but, to me, its harsh. The way they squealed, somehow, hurt me, because I am not used to that.. (but, now, I am advanced than them :P)  Yeah, that was the ugly truth. But.. but.. but.. do you know loves, some people search their whole lives to find, what I found in you. So, I called off my thought. That thoughtless thought.

I was watching a KDrama and in the middle of settling up my tasks for tomorrow's schedule, and I received a call from Eya asking about my place and how they planned to set a vacation for us. Honestly, I was not that shocked, because, I knew that Eya would come to my place someday. She always buzzed me in the middle of the night asking how to go to my place, which airport should she landed? Is that Labuan? Oh? Did not I tell you a million times, mine is in Tawau Airport.

"Oh, I was looking at the Air Asia promotion, and they had a promo ticket from KL to LBU, and I just wondered, is that your airport?" She explained herself.
(She asked me this question 3 times in 3 years)

And, I told her, she can also landed to LBU, and either take a flight from Labuan to KK to Tawau and  I will fetch her up at the airport, or she can also landed at Labuan and take a ferry to KK and arghh so many routes. I am too lazy to explain.

And.. that explanation just an explanation vanished together with the breeze. 

Okay, lets come back to the root of the story. So, they booked a multi city tickets for 5 of them, me is excluded, because I know, a long planned ticket, will only be a ticket without me on the flight. If you know me, you would know, how much money  I have wasted on the flight tickets, but end up, only my mind flying away, but the body is still home. I also booked a ticket from KL to Tawau together with them on the same date, but I was not flying, because I reached Tawau earlier than them. HAHAHA
 (I was not laughing btw, that was my fingers typing without me smiling, don't be fool, hahaha *now i'm laughing*) 

And yeahhh....


You don't know how hard my heart was pounding the night before their arrival. I don't know why I had this feelings, but they surely be the first group of my girlfriends who stayed overnight in my home, so I was a bit excited plus afraid plus arghh, I had mixed feelings. I drove one hour from my home to the airport with my heart racing in and I sang loudly inside the car just to tone down my heart, but to no avail, it was pounding very hard.. oh, I was chanting some zikr, to make me calm as well.. but still... 

"Am I meeting my future husband or my in laws? why do I acted like this? Is there any man come to woo me? " I monologised.

* * * * *  * * * * *

I was so awkward and I don't know how to react and to pamper them as my guests. Plus mom told me: 

"I know she is your university friends, but being in college and home, are two different things.. and now they are my guests.. don't command them to do things, don't play with them that make them feel offended, your voice should be lowered than them and it's okay for you to be tired, but not them. and bla bla bla bla.. " 

Okay, I know the reason why my heart pounded so hard, because I am going to play a role as an innocent friend, in which I don't! HAHAHA. 

So, on my way home from the airport, I told and warned them.. 

"Later, kalau korang dah habis makan, korang basuh pinggan okay, waktu tu aku akan halang korang basuh pinggan and korang kena tunjukkan yang KORANG MEMANG NAK BASUH PINGGAN OKAY "

and these beautiful souls replied me : 

"Tak nak.. Tak nak... biar kau yang basuh sendiri... Yeay, bestnya...  kalau Mawar buli kita, nanti kita mengadu je kat mak dia. padan muka. Bestnya buli Mawar" THEY WERE LAUGHING AS HARD AS THEY CAN. 

Oh, I should changed the title of this blogspot. AN EVIL SOULS. 

"Nanti, kita mengadu kat mak Mawar semua kejahatan yang Mawar buat dengan kita okay, hahaha best nya buli Mawar"


* * * * * * *  

The moment they reached home.. waa.. these evil ladies now turned to be someone who can make all the mothers around the world to fall in love with their actions.. so soft.. acting so delicate.. so melodious in speaking, so... so... so... arghh, not long ago they tortured me right? Girls's emotions can be changed in a split of seconds, that's why boys.. you should not have any female friends if you already have your girlfriends.. because gilrls have more than thousand personalities in a time. Be ready to ruin, if you insist. 

"Assalamualaikum Makcik. sihat?"

Oh, so fake la my friends.. 

We went to our dining area.. and I told them to sit, but you know.. 

"Eh, takpela ada apa-apa ke nak kena bantu?"

"Eh, takpela, biarlah kita org buat, yang ni serius, serius"

"Tak best lah, macam ni, kiteorg rasa bersalah kot, takpe, biar kami basuh pinggan kami je" 

"Takpela, ala boleh je, takkan la kami nak makan je?"

Okay, I know my friends will do that actually, they are well mannered and so daughter-in-law materials and I know they were joking and suddenly the situation twisted.. 

I was the one who told them to help me, now felt guilty because they are my guests as well, thus, should not be treated like that.. I told them:

"It's okay.. it's only your first day. Later la, later u can basuh semua okay, but not today.. now you wash your hands and go to the room.. tau tau. not today okay... tomorrow la"

"Alaa,, okay je, takpela.. "

Maigod!, now I felt in a hazard guilty, oh baby please don't do this. 

And, the next few days, they washed their pinggans and regretted. HAHAH, padan muka, orang dah suruh tak yah basuh hahaha. now, skrg, you go basuh pinggan okay! no turning points. 

Do you know how does it feels watching them five lining up at the washing area..? Each of them doing their tasks and some of them just standing because they don't know what to do, as long as they were lining up at the washing area, then they felt better than sat down,  doing nothing HAHAHA.

I was watching them washing dishes.. and seriously, they are my friends. My friends for life indeed. Up until now, when I told mom about them, my mom would told me with her watery eyes;

"Ta'andak-andak ku sehek nu lu bang angosek laik, tui sigam magbarisan kalimapuhuk mannehek, unduk ba.. ahap sab akkal sigam hek"

(That place now reminds me of your friends; the 5 of them will line up to wash dishes.. oh.. your friends atttitude are so good)

"But, you are the one who told me not to ask them to do anything kan mommy haha"

"Ambal ba rayang, kita lu anganjaga anak mundusia, onggok sigam hek amarassaya kita sabab ehek na ni palappa sigam ni kita, jari subai ni jaga toongan toongan, onggok du aku ti, tassa ku ai tassa onggok sigam"

(It's not like that darling, but, we take care of someone's daughter, their moms will put their trust on us, thats why they let them fly here, so, we have to take extra care for them, I am a mother myself, I know what their moms feels)

The last breakfast they had. Thanks to Eya's, Nurin's and Era's hands. HAHA.

                                                 Our time together is just never enough.

And.. seriously, I did not choose you to be my bestfriends.. but my heart did. 

Remember the first para that I typed on. It somehow reflects on how don't I really love you before, but.. let's love find us, thats why we called it falling in love, you don't force yourself to fall, you just fall.

                                Even if I spend the whole day with you, I will miss the second you leave.

Distance is not an issue, because in the end I have you and the one who loves us, will never leave. So, Don't leave and please stay until the end.