I think I just need a new section for a journal on my daily activities during this everyday-is-my-weekend phase. I, personally felt this phase is a kind of mundane, because I don't really do any routine, except for chores and just staying at home. Aside from strengthen my chores skills to be a good daughter and future daughter-in-law, this phase is also instills some responsibility attitude of me taking care of my home. I, somehow felt so bored that I need to go anywhere far, just to enjoy life.

The excitement of searching for a job is no longer excites me. I guess the excitement period of being a job seeker is now passed, in which now, I'm afraid of facing up my future. Whenever I think of getting a new job, suddenly, home feels so calm and beautiful, that I don't want to bring my step out of my house. This is serious. 

I am also a home person, I only meet my friends when I think necessary. This is different from my college life. Perhaps something to do with family. In college, I stayed alone, to which my boredom arise, I will ring my best friends to accompany me, or somehow, just wander around the city alone. But, the boredom that I felt in my house is, I, now miss how to be a university student, I missed attending classes, but I don't miss to study. Do you know, when you wake up early in the morning, dress up beautifully, complete with scarf and all, then you go outside of your place just to go anywhere? I miss that routine. You know, the life that I leading now, is just a plain one. Wake up and had a refreshing shower, breakfast, go upstairs to sweep the floor and helping mom to cook for lunch, tidy up the dining area, washing dishes and locked myself in a room, surfing some internets, check on Beautifulnara, Youtube, Gmail and my blog and do some blogwalking of some random bloggers. That's how my routine goes and rolling everyday. Oh, I don't really watch TV, because I think living room is a public place, I always felt insecure whenever I sit there., i just don't know. People passed, and watched you while you watching television? or maybe the mentality that my family had: girl can't sit in front of TV if we haven't completed our chores. I guess, that's why I like to be in my room. They know, if someone is in the room, we can't knock the door, which means, she is resting. Knocking someone's door loudly considered rude. Just knock it softly, if that person wants to come out, she will come out. In fact, everyone in my home is always going to their own room. Since my My sister in law is now in her confinement period and, is staying in our living room, where we usually watch TV (at the first floor), since her confinement period, we don't really turn on the TV, because of the baby is so sensitive to the sounds and bla bla bla.

And, today is my grandpa's day. His 6 years time of leaving us here in the world, so my mom made some kenduri tahlil for maternal grandparents and paternal grandparents. So, I was a bit busy and now I had time to blog, means all the chores has done. May Allah bless all the souls there and may Allah grants them Jannah. It was tiring honestly. But, that is a love, of a daughter to a parents. My mom love her parents, and I love my mom. That's why we were so committed of doing this. 

This post is just me expressing some of my thought and feelings thru words. I don't know who is going to read this, but to any-who, thanks for reading, and please pray that mom would allow me to go to a place that I really wanna go this coming October, or else, money will get wasted, just like that.  I understand her insecurity over my safety and security. I love mom and she loves me too, hence let's pray so that mommy will allow me to go. 

Till then. xoxo.