To all the dealers,
I'm a drug,
To which people would get my addictions
I'm ashamed.

To you,
I wish to never meet you,
To never misused me,
As I am a drug
To treat,
But now,
To bring you hell,
Even closer.
Cos, you and me, would break the society
To you who was my drug, 
I was addicted.
I wish to never see you too, 
To never get your addictions
I was gullible, you knew that.
and, I am a penniless.

O, herb medicine,
whose gasping for an oxygen
You  came to me,
Without worrying to be duped
Your presence, 
Make me a smug, 
But I am still an angsty young girl. 

All right reserved to Masfara Wahidah Abdul Rahman