I have the tendency to pretend not to know everything, simply because I am excited looking at people's expression while explaining something important. Past few weeks, when I brought my 15 years old nephew to supermarket, he then told me  everything about cars, driving skills and yadda yadda yadda. It was a little rain and apparently a mirrors got dusky, so he told me on how to settle it and something something. My pretending skills to the extend I don't know which one is brake, how to go forward, which gear should I run, and how to even start the engine of a car I'm not really familiriaze with (I was talking about an automatic car) - booooo ciknok. I love seeing him explaining this car thingy excitedly, seriously, and one day.....

I was mistakenly clutching a manual car's key, and having the urge to drive a manual car.. but... I.FORGOT.HOW.TO DRIVE.THIS.MANUAL.CAR. I sat on the driver seat and was taking some moment to memorise which one is brake, clutch, gas, how to run to gear 1, 2, 3, 4..oh, I know how to make a reverse gear - I like that gear since I was in driving school.

And, there he came my 15-years old nephew, arrogantly he asked me:

"Ciknok, don't you know how to drive a manual car?"

"Ugh, a bit, JPJ was tested me with a manual car, and I passed. Obviously I can.. right, eh, which one is brake? I forgot, almost 6 years having my hands off this manual car"

 "Okay, let me teach you.. you have to step on the clutch and play with the gas, let the gear in to gear 1 so that it can surge the car, you know how to upshift and downshift right?"

"Ohh.. I think I know, I can do this a bit, thank you" (this one I was not pretending.. I really did not know)

"btw.. who taught you this?"

"Pakcik Alluk, when I was 13"

"Really?? so you know how to drive la?"


"Are you sure? If I ask you to drive, are you confident enough?"

"Yes Cinok, let me drive, I am seriously confident"

"Okay, let see" (If he was confident on his skills, why should I doubted him right?)


"Oh, they don't know pon.."

"So, do you want to drive? are u confident?

"Yes, Ciknok, let me drive!!!"

Okay, I totally understand you boy..

So, I let him drive, and mommy saw us.

She warned me not to let him as he does not have driving licence yet.

"Okay, mommy sorry"

"Abang, you listen to nenek okay, you can't drive. I know you can drive, but, you CAN'T okay"


* * * *  * * * * * ** *

"Ciknok, can I drive?"

"Maigod Abang, don't you remember what nenek told you?, you CAN'T drive until you are eligible to do so"

"It's okay Ciknok, don't worry.. I am confident doing this!"

"Sure? Okay, don't tell nenek okay?"




"Abang, nenek is there, she might saw us, maigod, I'm so death arghhh, how ah?"


"Let's park somewhere and change the seat NOW"

"Okay ciknok"

Then we changed the seat. '


"Hi mommy"

"Hi nenek"

"Hi, go join them having an evening snack"

"Alright mom"

"Okay nenek"

I looked at Abang, he looked at me. We laughed.

"I saw you guys changing seat, and I saw Abang was driving before you.. you guys cannot do that, you know, the malay says Malang tidak berbau, later you will regret if something happen to you both, so, it's better to stop whatever planning u two have"

"Okay mommy, sorry"

"Nenek, sorry"

I think I am a rebel daughter, and a "good" aunty, in which it can bring him harm, or make him happy. But mommy.. I can't resist whenever my niblings (Read: nephew and niece) requested something from me...

"eh darling, abang nak pakai kereta apa kalau besar?"

"I think I want to buy MAZRATI"

"Eh, what car is that? MAZDA tu ke?"

"Eee ciknok ni its MAZRATI!"

"What is that? Let me google, how do you spell?"


Is this MASERATI? (I don't know if I chose the right image)
Ugh, whatever it is.. I pray so that you can get whatever you want (altho it sounds fantasy), let see whats reality lead u soon okay my baby boy?