Hi, just now, when I had my evening nap, I had a weird, creepy, funny and scary dream. I dreamt of my families and friends, and the story started...

The scene was at my home. My brother requested me to do a drink - i forgot if it was a coffee drink, or just a normal plain drink. He requested many times, but I was intentionally ignoring his request, because he went very fussy about his drink, and finally had forgotten his request. He told me make AIR NADI. I did not know what was that, but he kept pointing at the backyard store, to take the AIR NADI from there. I was thinking of some special drinking water, and my imagination was imagining the image of AIR ANUGERAH and but this one is even powerful than that - it might was chanted with some religious recital, or zikr, you know those kind of things right. I was planning to do a review on my blog about that powerful water, for you guys to read (lol, even blogging also appeared in my dream, this is really something). 

But, once again, I forgot to make him a drink. Suddenly, in between our second and third living rooms, we were all gathered there. My bro was crying telling all the audience that, I NEVER TREATED HIM LIKE MY BROTHER??. Wow, at least I knew he had a feeling. Because, my brother was a stone cold. He never shows reactions. Oh, and he was crying and showing his deep furrows. Okay, he was really crying and frustrated because I haven't make him the 'AIR NADI' that he wanted. But I suddenly, I saw my late grand mom was questioning my cousin about a nutritional product that has been recommended to her, and I could not stand looking at my cousin giving a wrong idea and interrupting their conversation, and I talked to my grandma :

"Yes, this product is very good for you, because you might not reaching your energy requirement, later nenek become thinner, because you don't eat a lot bha, so, if you want to stay healthy, this one is good for you, let me do a diet recall for you first, for me to do a complete regimen" 

I did a diet recall, showing my skills with our 'stethoscope', and her energy intake was achieved actually, and she smiled and pat my back lovingly, and she just disappeared.

I rushed to the backyard, because I remembered my brother was crying and just before I reached there, a rooster was chasing me and kicking my legs and we had this telepathy communication and the rooster told me: 

" Never use NADI to make a drinks, they want to rest" 

And the rooster was being grumpy showing its wings and wanted to start a war with me and suddenly the rooster was transformed to be a cat, but it was still actually a rooster. Guys, the image of this rooster in my dream was a hen. Arghh, gelinya .. eeeeedfbahfbaekbacakbcanca, do u know hen yang banyak bulu-bulu abavcavfuiqwfvyqwgfiq3gfqwhfkjbwjfwnd, gelinya asbcahsfknaskjvakfhawfcn. It was disgusting jbfqwfoqwifqwbfhqwfqw najkbababkjaqgqeceqw.

So, my bro told me, don't make him NADI drink anymore, he did not want it anyway. What an unslakable desire you had brother!. So, I went to our main kitchen and I saw Yna was holding a clear mug, and I asked her - 

"Do you know what is NADI drink? Is it like air anugerah or something? " 

and.. she told me, "I am now trying a NADI to make a drink"


She showed me an egg yolk inside the clear mug.. I was terrified. What was that actually? and I told her about themad rooster looking like a hen but suddenly it's character changing to be a cat and warned me not to take NADI . 

"Oh, that one we called him NADI, okay"



"And the eggyolk or the egg is actually it's egg?"



And, the venue was changing, in a split of second, I was in my former school - you know how's the operation of a dream goes right. 

My junior was driving a car, we all were wearing our telekung, and some with our tudung to go to a preparation class. But, suddenly there was a ghost and I lost my spectacle. But, my junior who was driving a car, did not want to open the door for me because she thoughts I might be a ghost too. When she saw me, she immediately opened a door and asking for an apology, and I suddenly wake up. It's 5.51 pm, and maghrib will be at 6.30-ish. Oh crap!, and now, I had a slight dizziness.

* * * * * * *  * *  * * * *   *  *
And.. Yna came to my room, immediately I asked her, do you know if there is AYAM NADI? 

I forgot what she replied me btw. - SHOULD ask her back. 

But, Yna came and handed me some amount of money, and I asked her why. 

"Mom asked me to give you this money" 

WOW. How come mommy knows i am broke now? . I felt hungry and I went do eat my dinner.

After having my dinner, I actually typing this post specifically to remember this annoying dream. 

* * * * * * * *

I enjoyed afternoon nap, but, I did not like an evening nap, simply because it's no good, - but, I actually don't really like sleeping during the day. So, whenever I felt sleepy, I will try to distract myself or doing anything just to prevent me having a day nap.

So, if I were really sleepy, I don't position my body really comfy, simply because, I did not want to have my deep-day sleep, and before I slept, I was browsing to a FashionValet website and scrolling thru the dUCkscarves and high heels, wanted to buy some pairs but because I am now a broke lady, I only purchased one pair of high heels, and it was sexy! (Someone taught me how to use this word). Honestly, I was in love with their Merdeka Collection but arghhh.. it is RM300........ So, I actually told mom that I want to buy their Merdeka Collection, because I really really like the color.. 

And mom told me.. 

"Just buy whatever you want, you will never be rich if you suppress the urge to buy something you want, or be a poor if you spent your money to something that you like, 
just enjoy your money bha"

"But mommy, I think I am broke now"

.... and mom gave me the money to buy their duckscarves............ and... i .. want... to.. buy... but... i ...am...jobless.... but.. nurin.. told.. me.. she ... also.. tak... sanggup.... beli.... tudung...for.. rm300.... so.. i ..pon.. tak..sanggup la... and ..era... reminds..me.. to...save...some..money.. and...i... was... convinced... but... now.. mommy... gave... me... money... to... buy... that.... tudung.... and... now... i ...am... contemplating...but.. i actually don't care about this..but ... i think.. i like.. it.. but..its..so..expensive.. i.. tak..sanggup jugak.. but.. oh? actually is there any fake duckscarves out there? LOL. 

* * * * * * * * 

What I learnt from my dream was: 

1) I should remember the name of Yna's cats, but they are too many and all their faces are the same. 
2) Don't eat Yna's nugget, later I will dream of a rooster again.
3) I should make my brother his Espresso. 
4) I want to work as a dietitian so bad. 
5) I should not had any evening nap episode.
6) I should not look at a man's photo with beard or mustache, because later I will dreamt of something with fur/feather/hairy.
7) I suddenly miss my grandmom, I actually was not home during her day, and the last time I met her, I knew, she's gonna left me. So, I hugged her and kiss her on her cheeks and forehead and teasing her, how great was her memory even though she was 98 years old that time. So, I asked her 

"Ombok, katawan nu ka masi sai on ku? ambal takalipat nu?"
"Granny, do you still remember my name? Are you sure you don't forget my name?"

She nodded and replied me: 

"Of course, you are the only one who asked me 24/7 about your name, do you think i am that forgetful?"

"hahaha, okay then, what is my name?"

She hits me and replied to my name. 

"I don't want you to forget my name, if you want to forget other things, you can, but don't forget my name okay"

We laughed so hard. 

 Al-Fatihah to my late maternal and paternal grandparents and my maternal cousin.
May Allah the Merciful Almighty,  bless all your souls and I miss all of you so much.  

Till then.