August, 16, 2017.

I managed to reach you to the star, 
We had a conversations, 
It was cold.
I stopped and ended it, 
 although you give me the chance to talk.

I was hurt by your presence in between the stars and the earth,
Because, you were there watching me, 
But you did not do anything,  
And I told you to ease this unfixable heart, 
Or you just vanished,
And you vanished. 
You chose to vanish. 

I chased you again to the star, 
Starting a funny, awesome conversation, 
But you were cold, ignorant. 
And you were sick. 

You were sick, 
That your mind needs rest as well. 
I was sick too, 
And.. I am sick too, sick of you. 

And.. you were silence. 
The next day you were silence too, 
To the next day, you still silence, 
Until my instinct says, you were die.

Because your name is funny, 
I should have known that. 
This is all funny. 

The first definition of FUNNY says, 
funny means something that causing laughter and amusement. 
You were there. 

The second definition of FUNNY says,
It’s used to emphasise something is unpleasant and wrong,
And should be avoided. 

The third definition of FUNNY says, 
difficult to explain or understand. 
Because you are funny.
What are nice name you had. 

It’s hard to tell,
that you were die. 
May you rest in peace,
My dearest Funny. 

Now, you are totally a memory, 
Although you want to keep it short, 
I’m going to make it long. 
Because you are funny, and I like funny.

Because you are funny, you were funny, you was funny. 
I still miss you, missing you,
May God grants you heaven, 
May you rest in peace. 

* * * * * * * 
HAHAHA. Did I just died the hero? 

All the poems in this blog are all right reserved to Masfara Wahidah Abdul Rahman.