Hey Funny, 
Today, I am sad.
Do you speak semitic language? 
Of Arabic or Hebrew? 
Do you speak Hebrew? 
Because I wanted to tell you this sorrow. 
In a language only both of us know. 

Today I am sad, 
And I know why,
But, you did not cause this sadness. 
Don’t you worry, 
You are not the causer, 
You only came to my mind,
to help me to express this feeling. 

Today, I was silence too, 
I think being silence is what I am good at,
Especially when I am in a sorrow. 

I wanna cry, 
But, I can’t cry. 
Because, I am so sad, 
Until I don’t know how to express the tears. 
But, I am sad. 

I really wanted to talk to you, 
To let this sadness flows,
In a Hebrew, 
Or any other extinct language,
In Phoenicians, who is the ancestor of Greek, 
or the language only both of us knows. 

I forgot to ask, 
But, how was Heaven? 
Are you doing good? 
Let God teach you how to speak,
The language only both of us knows. 

Because, today,
I am sad, in a sorrow. 

All the poems in this blog are all right reserved to Masfara Wahidah Abdul Rahman.