I was floating and was in a joyful moment when I saw you giving a light to my answer. MAIGOD.. BUT, I was clueless, excited knowing that you were still thinking of me, but was it really a reply to my question? were you really thinking of me? Do you still like me? It was ambiguous.

When the night comes, I am tying back all the memories we had. I remember how shocked and excited I was listening to your rendition of "our first song". If you know what song I meant.  You seriously have a beautiful voice, that was out from my expectation.

... Hi, how do you pronounce B-A-B-E?
... BABY??

Okay, to my knowledge, it was pronounced as "BEB",  which is showing some of the casualtity out of romanticity. But  the answer you gave was BABY, I was a happy kid! You were showing your affection towards me too!, then it was really a mutual interest. Surely a mutual interest.

A month was a brief knowing process...

"I will never know your favorite thing to do right before you sleep
or what you think about during those walkable moments to home
I will never know what happened to you when you were 6
or how do you managed to get into an orchestra back in your school days 
I will never know your deepest secrets
or if you'd prefer apple or orange juice"

Hi, to all of you who read my story, I am Daniella, reaching my twenties, deeply in love with someone, but he is  from another star. So far, but so close yet impossible to reach. I'm dying to think that he will end up together with some girl from his star, but here I am, on the Earth, trying so hard to convince him that distant is just a distant, and only him can make this future even brighter, but he answered... 

......I will never win..........

"Feelings shouldn't be locked in to ourselves,
Sometimes it's the littlest things that make up the most important thing
Sometimes it's the gaze towards something you love
Or the thoughts of an over analytic mind
that really counts"

The moment you read this story, I was in a big dilemma:
 I told you that I will never reply if "someone" (you know who is he) send me some private message asking some random question..  and he sent me one...would not it be rude not to reply especially when I know who is he ? I could not careless about anyone, but.. he is a part of you.. 

Oh, I listen to your music and I fall asleep. 

I am missing your good night text. 

Goodnight and imy so much.

You should like only me.