I was invited to join a program held in my former school, I did not give my name, because I was afraid I could not commit and I don't want to forfeit the program. But, since they were discussing on our primary school's WhatsApp group, I told them, I would like to join, but not as a facililator, as a free soul instead as I have so many events in a row plus, I am a maid in my own home as for now. We don't have helper for this period and my SIL still in her confinement period (ending very soon). The main reason was because of .. I really wanted to see my out-districts friends. Some of you know that, most of my school friends are district- comers, hence, when school was over, I did not really have friends in my hometown. There were some, the countable one. Triggered by this meet up idea, I joined them yesterday morning till evening.

Cinta buzzed me on WhatsApp inviting me to come at 9 am. I thought their program will be conducted at 2 pm?. Never mind. But, coming to my former school means I need to dress up very nicely. syariah compliance, but but but but.. I don't really have one, except Jubah and Baju Kurung (mostly not that syariah compliance one). And this best friends of mine were teasing me and all. HAHAH. That was the reason why you saw me keep on updating my Ig story and mentioned their names. That sounds harsh but, we were friends for more than a decade and we were just like siblings, I hurt you, you hurt me back. But, we love each other unconditionally. Maigod, I seriously missing them. Mia and Yok are actually the penjahat one among all, the reason why you saw me keep on 'preaching' them. HAHA.

Hence, I met Cinta and Baliju (Read: Iju, I called her Baliju), maigod, they were so alim.. Cinta is a so so, but she's very consistent. This Iju' is seriously no joke, but I like to kid her. She was very cute and hahahah sorry iju baliju. HAHAH.

I reached the school and met them. Oh god........ 23 years old really hits us hard. I felt so proud when they introduced themselves in front of the students. Their names, which university they came, what course they took and how students were stunned by their introductions. Some are major in Syari'ah, Dakwah, Laws, Banking, Marine, Forestry, Nursing.. Chemistry.. Biology.. argh, you name it. Although, we were not really clicked back then, but I was so proud of them. Compared to the yesteryears, they are much different. So different, now they are just matured enough.

If you asked me, what was the memorable moments I had yesterday? WHEN THEY INTRODUCED THEMSELVES AND MY FRIENDS ARE ALL REACHING THEIR STAIRS OF SUCCESS. I was a proud friends of their achievement. I don't know about your friends, but, their achievement was something to be proud of.  We were changing our stories, how this one having a broke up, this couple are still in a stable relationship and how how how, and we met our teachers as well.

I stayed until evening. Oh, I forgot to mentioned earlier, I did not drive to school because the pakcik guard was so strict, so I asked Yna to drop me off and later fetch me up whenever I called her to. But, I made up my mind, I can asked some friends to send me home, and apparently only boys were driving. Honestly, if you were to ask me, they are only limited boys that I can put my trust on. Jijal, Bujjul (Faridzul)  Hanes and some names, but their names were not popping up during this moments, oh and Farhan. You know, I have a feeling of regret why did not I drive to school and this causing me a dilemma.

Yesterday, Hanes, Bujjul and Mujahid and some friends were driving. But these 3 names are my closest one and they always came to my home during Raya. Hanes's home is 15 minutes from my house, but he's going to send Cinta to her home as he fetched her up, plus, she just live nearby. Originally, Hanes was on my mind to send me home. But I saw Mujahid, since our home is one way and his home was bout 5 mins from mine. So, he's going to be a good driver for me. HAHA. If Hanes's going to send me home, I was going to be the last girl to reach home, plus they are 3 boys inside the car and it's nearly to Maghrib. A BIG NO. Okay, then, Mujahid. I asked him, who else joining and it's only me. MAIGOD, this gonna cause a riot.

So, I went back to Hanes. I told him to send me first, but ahhh., Cinta is so pity. It's okaylah, let me go back with Mujahid.

Suddenly Hanes voicing out her thought to Mujahid: 

"Mujahid, what have you done to her during school days, until you did not gained her trust?" 

he continued.. 

"Its okay ba Masfara, later kau cakap dengan mak kau yang c Mujahid ni pondan jugak!" 

Maigod, I wanted to slap Hanes's ignoble mouth so bad HAHAHA, that one is a bit funny. Mujahid is actually a relative but not that really close. Our parents know each other, and the idea of 'pondan' was really funny. HAHAHHA. 

I called Yna to fetch me up, but it's a rush hour. Oh, don't make me wait. 

Mujahid, come!. 

Along the way, there he goes, one of my bestboyfriends, Bujjul!

"Lets' go home together!" 

"Eh, I don't want, you are married, I go with Mujahid jak la" 

His house is 2 mins from mine and he was my best friend and he always come to my home back days.

"My sister is joining as well, Faiz also joining"

"Oh really!! You should tell me earlier, then let's go" 

"Wait, I tell Mujahid first" 

"Mujahid, sorry.. I go with Bujjul jak lah, kau okay kan, sorry ah" 

"Okay.. okay.." 

Mujahid, I know you are going to read this, but sorry okay. You are good, but I was not really comfortable to do carpool with you together hahaha because...just because, sorry okay please send my regards to your mom and your sisters and your brothers okay. (PLEASE DON'T SEND MY REGARDS, I DON'T KNOW YOUR FAMILY, THAT WAS JUST A FLOWER TO MY WORDS) 

* * * * * * * 

During this lunch time, I told mom. 

"Mom, Hanes told me to tell you that Mujahid is pondan, because I was afraid you will scold me if you see some random boys sending me home, and it was just the two of us" 

"HAHAHAHAHA, he sure a good and naughty boy because he understands so well on this mommy-mommy types, but do you know Mujahid is also your relative?"

"Ya.. I know I know.."

"But, Bujjul sent me home yesterday together with Faiz and her sister,Wani"

"You should not treat him like the old days, because you guys on a different level now"

"yaa mommy, I know that"

"And Mom, you know, I was teasing Mia and Yok at my Insta to wear some tudung labuh, baju labuh, complete with socks and they forced me to do some OOTD" 

"But, you know, I received so many DMs praying for me to be consistent on wearing socks and all, and that makes me felt even guiltier, because I was doing that for a day" 

"Yala, if you want to do that, I don't have any problems plus, I am going to encourage you to do that, but please be consistent.. and you can't play with them on this thing. This is sensitive for some person, although they are your friends, but who knows you might hurt them?"

"Ya mommy, but they don't feel hurt pon, even teasing me lagi" 

"Who knows what inside their heart? Apologize to them later" 

Okay mommm... 

* * * * *

Mia Yok maafkanlah sahabat kamu ini. hmm. Walaupon kamu tidak insaf, tapi jom lah insaf sikit-sikit haha.