Hi, it's me again. I just wonder, do you have your imaginary friends when you were young? I don't know about myself, but you know, this blog, somehow makes me to have an imaginary friends, in which I adumbrated myself talking to people, expressing my feelings and thoughts. Now, since we were so distant, could you be one?

I saw you checking me out, and I was intentionally doing that for you to check out on me. For whatever reasons you had, thank you for appearing on my sight. Told myself, tomorrow should be vanished.. but, that tomorrow was a big pretty lie.. but to accept that is seriously an ugly truth. 
you were so close.. yet so far to achieve. 

Anyway, how are you? I hope you are seriously in a good condition, but deep inside my heart, I was hoping your mind and your heart are still belongs to me. Because, mine is still yours. 

You were so silence. But, I was expressive. Somehow, it was unfair. Because you saw me, but I don't even have any chance to see you? 

But, today..  I saw you did something and it's hurt me. So much. 

I just got back from some place, immediately I turned on my macbook to update you on this. 

A never ending short stories. 

I don't want to make it brief. It's gonna be a long one. Trust me. 

You touched someone so persistent and only you can reversed.

Even after you saw my flaws, do you still like me? I just wanna check on that. 
Give me some light so that I know the answer. 
Would you? 

Or your last good bye will seriously be the last one? because I never agree on that.