My mom and I were having our night leisure time as we were laying together at the second floor's living room, and I showed mom, my friend's photos during our vacation last time. She was also commented on each of the places that we went and all. I prayed so hard that mom would not see our 'gedik-pose' photo, or else, she will preach me for hours. You know, of course mom would also paid some compliments on us, saying this one is pretty, cute, looks nice and bla bla bla.

As usual, I asked mom, who is the prettiest among us?. And she has her own definition of pretty.

"Those who has projected eyelids.. "

What do you mean mommy? Those who has big eyes? means, she is pretty? if she does not has eyelids means not pretty?

If that is the case.. what about Mizah, Nurin and me, your daughter yourself?  

So, left with Adek, Eya and Era. 

Mom says, everyone is pretty and beautiful, but if I forced her to choose.. she would go for Era. 


Why Era mom?

Mom, is somehow quite straight forward. 

"You see her eyes, see the mole under her lower lips and her teeth line. You see when she's smiling, she has that sweet face"

"Mom, you know, now we can do double line without surgery, I can make my eyes bigger. Although, I don't have moles under my mouth, but I had one at the centre of my nose and I also have a sweet face whenever I'm smiling" 

"Just now, you forced me to pick which one is the prettiest right? Of course in my heart is my daughter, but since you insisted, then Era is the prettiest. Everyone is pretty what and look at Era, although she knew that you were going to do island hopping, but she still dress nicely and pretty, look at her outfit"

Mom are you sure? Don't you see how cool I was sitting inside the boat but Era was not really cool? No need to look at the dress Mom. I smiled even sweeter than her. 

(Bila gajah dan gajah  bergaduh.. semut (read: gajah) mati ditengah-tengah)
*I am kidding*

Okay. Her dress was on point. 

Double eyelids. Mole under the mouth. Sweet smile. Okay Mom. 

"Mom, later if you want your grandchildren have eyelids, make sure to marry your daughter to those from Peninsular okay, because their genetics are dominant with double eyelids. If you marry me with Sabahan, be ready to get a no-eyelids grandkids as well ya.. I just wonder why my parents did not have double eyelids as well, I might be chosen as a pretty girl, if double eyelids are the issue HAHAH"


"Okay mom, I was just kidding what, all my friends are pretty okay and I know that haha"

"Mom, if you want a grandkids with double eyelids, be ready to get a grandkids with a curly hair as well, because they are quite dominant with that gene"

"It's interesting what, I am so bored looking at the straight hair generations. Why? Do you have someone who has a curly hair? Is his hair curly?