Hello. Hi. I don't know how to start this, but I have some sort of spiritual-energy-violent urge to write on this time again. 

It's been a long time I did not check the inbox on my Facebook, and I abandoned the Social Section on my gmail account and I filtered the messages requests and somehow not even looking on the Instamessages. For that, I am sorry. Humbly sorry. Today, I had some time to check everything and what I found was messages from all of you asking me things, some messages I left unanswered but, I did share you the link so that you get the answer. Don't worry, I will try my best to answer all of them. But, you seriously cannot force me to do something, I don't like and I don't really want to do. For you who asked me for a product review, I am sorry, I can't do that because, I'm not using that kind of product and I am a bit sceptical on the product you asked me to review. Don't sell something on the name of friendship. I cannot agree with that anymore. All the things that I reviewed on this blog, are something that I used. It's dangerous and I don't want to make people on fire because of what I wrote. The website traffic getting higher, but that does actually means, I need to filter on what I write and all. I understand the urge to find a money, I myself a money-hunter as well, but haven't started yet. For that sorry so much. This blog is, I wanted to make it personal, for you to know me, and for me to share my stories. If that's inspired you, I am a happy person then. 

Lately, I have been in a random spikes in between of a manic phase. This phase is utterly manic. In which I feel inspired by some people, and at the same times they make me un-inspired. I was motivated and unmotivated at the same time and its make me agitated. I am positive and somehow it turns back to its polar opposite. I was pampered and wanted to enjoy life and at the same time, my mature thought wanted me to earn something for myself as well. How can some people think this is just a trivial but to you, its almost impassible roadblock that you can't seem to conquer. It's funny. Not funny actually. HAHA. Well, just now was a meaningless laugh. I am quiet falling haphazardly from what is my main obligations. But, never mind. Okay. Note. Your mind could be your worst enemy, in which it can make things escalated and bring you down to make you feel... inferior. But then, you are superior LOL. (okay, i'm laughing for this one HAHA). 

I know some of you are my silent readers and come by accident to my blog, so, let me introduced myself again, I am a girl by the name of Masfara. My shorform is MWAR, in which people pronounced as MAWAR, a rose in English. It's a combination of my initials and dad's initial. I am just a normal girl, who like any other, is trying to make myself in this world, cyberspace is included, and I humbly sorry to all my non-malaysian readers for my previos malay language posts. 

This was just a brief post on what now just feels like a rant. Although, I must say I feel bitter about my situation, in which it does not flow on its way. But, my theory of just do it and just follow the flow , hopefully being applicable in this situation. Oh God. 

That is for now I guess. Bye