So, I still on my everyday-weekend phase until dad knocked my door to wake me up from my deep sleep and told me my SIL has gave birth to my new nephew.. Phewwwwwww.... I immediately woke up and taraaa energetically went to shower room and showered!. I did not want to mention about the whole session and the childish 'procedure' I did just to see my nephew. Well, those people who saw my instastories, would know about this, so I don't want to explain about this anymore. HAHA.

Then, suddenly my nephew is warded due to some complication during delivery and he was diagnosed as having a Congenital Pneumonia. I told Fani about that and he said, that does not sounds good. You know, Pneumonia in adult patient is normal hahah ( I think, it was okay because I always see this kind of cases hahahahahhaha), but I was a bit worried because he is paed? and I am not really familiar with this ahahah.

Lets backbite about my brother. Oh God, he was so clueless on what to do as a dad having a newborn baby, so, luckily he got me as a back up to help him managing his kids. What a spoiled brat brother hahahaha.

Mom also was so busy with the preparation in our home, plus we are waiting for my friends' arrival on the 23rd of July. Seriously I can't wait to see them and hug them and kiss them. Okay, I will bully them to take care of my niblings as well. Oh, noted that niblings refer to my niece and nephew. So, makcik-makcik yang nak datang uma ciknok tu, be prepared ya, I know you guys will read this blog of mine!.

Another thing is, I, honestly so tired. Oh Gosh, now I realized how hard it is to be a full time mom and it is just tiring.. although, I just gave a little helping hand, but it was exhausting.. ARghhh..  I don't want to get married... can I just enjoy myself alone... HAHAH but I also wanted to have a baby.. okaylah, lets married guy.

Up until today, car is like my second home, and I brought my niece together with me, because I miss her presence and she just start talking and that kepoh girl is pretty like her aunty ehem. Because mommy was so excited of having a new grandson and she was blessed of having such a nice daughter-in-law and she's hoping that our loves for each other is still on the air. So, mommy requested me to distribute some foods for orang orang yang dah bersalin. I was so uncomfortable of my mom request and a bit shy to distribute them, because you know, such an unknown person, but okay,  once you follow your mom's order, Allah will give a brighter way for you. So, I did that with the help of KJ and all the nurses. Thank you, you guys are one of among all those beautiful souls out there. (Pardon my pose on this photo, I also don't know what I was doing, this is truly a candid one)

And, my new nephew was crying and I was so panicked hahahah. I know I can't hold a newborn baby, because it is scary and I just dont know!!, So, I kept on disturbing the nurses whenever baby's crying, because my SIL was away.  So, I told mom about this and do you know what did mom said?

"Jari bang aniak anak nu, battinga konon? Sai amalutan iya??"

"So, if you have a baby, how? Who is going to hold him?

Auch, I was stabbed in front of my eyes and my heart! HAHAH