I tend to repeat and somehow change names of the person that I favour. Especially, when it comes to the kids and closest friends. Perhaps, I got this trait from daddy, because he also likes to repeat names, but of course, he had it with a different consonants, example: mammiapappia. He repeats the vocals but not the consonants. In case if you don't know, mammiapappia is my name when I was little, and he is the only one who called me that. Another one is addaupaddau, okay, that one is Yna's name.

In case you noticed me calling my niece Cing Cing, that is another example of my tendency calling people in repetition. Another example is: Anip Anip.  Changing name from Oja Oja to Cing Cing, because, I feel like to call her liddat, or Eya to Mands.  Aside from that, I also tend to put "Ba" in the middle of people's name or might be in front. Example: Kakak Balakak, Adik Baladik, Ayas Balayas,Ayien Balayien, Akif Balakip, or just simply calling them, Balayas.

I just don't know. Are you just like me? I am wondering.