Oh God, I just can't believe I could be a loyal viewer for this romcom K-Drama. Usually, I will just wait for the KDrama to finish airing before, I started watching it. But, never did I know, there are several Kdrama that I followed every week and patiently waiting..  but, this one is really awesome and Korean Director should award me for being such a loyal viewer among all those unloyal!.

I just finished watching the last episode just now from KissAsian website and, because the ending was expected, so it is just a so-so yet so satisfying!. I like how Ae Ra reacted and acting on this drama, but honestly, I was rooting for Sul Hee and Joo Man's relationship, because the drama was so cool and a bit slow, but, CUTE, but their love story was making my nerve on. Especially during the Ye Jin's appearance. She was cute but she also such an eyesore!, some goes to Hye Ran. I like how Ae Ra was so bold upon everything she faced and Dong Man was so light headed. Oh wait, that Sundae-coach is a dream teacher for everyone!.

Usually, before I watch the drama and wait for the line to load it first, I will go through to the comment sections and read it because I need a spoilers! Eya was the one who willingly to spoil everything for me. So, don't worry I am okay with those spoilers group  *peace*.

Overall, I gave that drama is 8.5/10. Because, the ending was expected, Sul Hee and Joo Man's relationship, how Dong Man learning a lesson because he just can't follow his coach's advises and try that flying bird instead of him. And... I can't believe Kim Ji Won was so good in acting and her role in Descendant of the Sun is undeniable good and now as Ae Ra was crazy and madness!!!

Am I acting like a K-Drama addicts? HAHAHA. Bye.