Sunday, 9 July 2017


So, one of nephew named Irfan Haikal called Angah/Opos, was hit by his unknown friends and there was a scar at the edge of his eye and my SIL asked who is the causer. Oh btw, this boy is 7 years old now, a very talkative one and very handsome. HAHAH. He loves playing with his comb.

Of course, my SIL was angry and wanted to meet the kid and his classroom teacher. She then asked angah :

" Angah, ingat tak muka budak tu? dia sekelas ke dengan angah? Angah buat apa? Kenapa dia sampai tumbuk angah ?"

"Angah tak tahu lah mak, angah jalan-jalan je pergi kantin, dia terus tumbuk angah, angah tak tahu dia tahun berapa, tapi dia tu boss mak, tiada siapa berani lawan dia"

"Ingat tak muka dia?"

"Iye mak, angah ingat"

"Nanti esok mak cari budak tu, kita jumpa guru kelas, kenapa sampai buat macam ni"

"Mak, dia cakap, dia tak nak datang sekolah selama-lamanya, jadi mak tak dapat nak jumpa dia mak"

" Siapa nama dia tu?"

"Angah tak tahu nama dia tu mak, dia tak bagitahu nama dia, angah pon lupa nak minta number telefon dia" 

"HAHAHAHA, takkan lah orang nak tumbuk, sempat bagitahu nama, ni budak kecik dah pandai-pandai mintak number telefon" 

We were laughing crazily over his answer. The way he answered the question was really funny.. how come a 7 years old knows the important of mobile number!! HAHAHAH

* * * * * * *  

So, the next day my SIL met that boy and the teacher. 

Okay, that boy is actually a hyperactive kids and supposed to be placed at Special School, but his parents could not accept the facts and just let him stay in that school. Plus, the parents did not respond to the teachers as well. 

Angah, was not the only one!. 


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