When mom and dad had an argument over an issue and they stay silent whenever they could not find any solutions. Dad will be silent. Mom will be silent. HAHA. Mom seems unhappy doing chores, so do dad. Everyone seems not to be in their mood. Even home lost the aura.

I, on the other side, was laughing. The argument was about dad's condition. I told mom to reduce the salt content in dad's food, because dad had hypertension. So, dad was complaining if she practiced that cooking style, food does not tasted like food then. Mom said, she does not want her husband to be sick, so, just bare with the cooking style. Oh, why do I feel rebellious... its what I study! HAHAHA.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

I woke up VERY LATE today, almost 10 am and.. I was afraid mom will scold me, so I make sure to barter things to make up my ignorant. I showered and prepared myself quickly, I swept the floor, tidy up the rooms, room to room and everything was beautifully done. Then, only I had the courage to go downstairs.

Okay, as usual.. I will start the conversation whenever I feel guilty .. to ease my feelings and you know.. its really an elfin, trust me!.

So, I head down to our kitchen, and shouted calling my mom:

"Mom.. where are you, what are you doing??"

"Come, I am here, cleaning the fish"

"You know, just now I went to market and bla bla bla bla... " Excitedly she told me about the situation  at the fish market.

Wah, the mood is so good, and we shared stories and I asked mom about dad.

Again, with a radiant face and a wide smile, she said:

"Oh, you know, this morning, your dad offered to send me to the market and going there together, your dad is so funny, you know, this is one of the way he expressing his sorry " She laughed.

"HAHAHAHA, okay.. so does it went well?"

She excitedly replying to all my questions about dad and will laugh on a thing which I found not so funny!.. HEHEHE..

Then, I excused myself from mom and head up to my room..

During lunch, I went down to the dining room and dad came from his office and asked me about mom's locality.

"Nika.... (darling)"  *I don't know which language is that, but, mom says, it means sayang.

"Come, lets eat"

Mom then prepare the foods and showing up her culinary skills to us.

It was such a happy and a lovey dovey session.

* * * * * *  * * * * 

I met my sister-in law and I told her that her MIL was in a great mood!! and we were laughing on the fact that those lovebirds are still the lovebirds. OMAIGOD, that was so cute. HAHAHA... and... a bit embarrassing for me. #idon'tknowhy

It's wife that can change husband mood and its husband that can change wife mood. 

What kind of wife would I become? 

But, you know, although its countless time seeing those sweet scenes, but I still feel embarrass being a watcher.