What is your name? 

You. What is your name?

No, your name bah?

My name is You, You Yee Xing. 

That was the first conversation I had with him in between DK2 and DK3. 

* * * * * * 

Waahhh, look at You (He danced like crazy during the course night dinner and we were all laughing). Okay, everyone's impression started to change. He was not really that bookworm. He can dance, with the fullest commitment doing the performance and never skipped the practice except that, he went to practice for the marching.  Another points to lift up for him. 

The moment Dr put me into a same group with him during our first semester during year 1..  was awesome.. because, he is such a good student and without me knowing, he burnt up all the lists of the high scorers from the Dietetics's student generation. Honestly, working together with him was okay and he showed good communications and cooperation skills. I like that, but after the many time of being together from Year 1 to Year 2, I realized of one thing that I dislike about him!. Sometimes, he did all the work and only allows us to check on the mistakes which surely no mistakes found!.

 I seriously did not like the way he did present himself to me. Until to the extent, we fought and I expressed my dissatisfaction to him. I know he was very diligent and anything responsible to anything he did. But, that was so wrong, I did not like it when but he did everything. That puts me under pressure of my capability? Why he does not give us the chance to do our work and instead asked us to check on his mistakes which obviously we found nothing!. 

Yaaaaa.. that was him 2 years back. But, during our year 3... I don't really remember our year 3 memories???? Ya, because we did not managed to be in the same group. He was palled up with other classmates and we don't have this kind of memories .No, actually we had some memories together, but that one does not really touch my heart, so I don't wanna put that here. In case you are wondering, it was during our "Teddy Bear'" project. Patient education. 

So, who knows that this boy burnt the list of top scorer of Dietetics Student Generation?! I can't even brain his brain!. There he was, washing the dishes, a photo that I saved to show that he has so many skills aside from studying. A perfect candidate to be showed to your mom right ?Hehehe. Single and Available.
(He might killed me of showing off this photo, he is also a kind of 'metrosexual' you know)

 So, during year 3. We did not have the chance to do group work together and only sometimes to be placed in a large group. So, I did not really feel the bond with him.

To make things short, we were together for this final sem of final year!!!!!!!!!.

He buzzed me on our Whatsaap Group.

"Mawar, what a nice start and the nice end, we are in 1 group again"

I read.

Heart says: What a nightmare! To be grouped with the most hardworking people on earth..... when will I enjoy my life..... whyyyy...

Okay, I replied:

"OMG BEN.. WHY!!!!!"

He replied, "Hahaha"


Okay.. He was laughing. Let's discover the final semester together.

It's okay, not to enjoy life.. it's okay to study all day.. it's okay to be 24/7 on assignment.. its okay its okay its okay its okay..  I am about to end my student life, it's okay ..

(I was comforting myself actually)

* * * * *  * * * * * * * * ** * * * * **

Day 1 of special unit attachment in HKL together with him was not that bad. He was not that hardworking that I imagined he will be. He was a bit crazy compared to the 2 years back then. Told you, he was capable of everything. He can dance, he can sing, he excel in his study. Every time I read on my newsfeed from FB or other social media about top scorer lacks in soft skills , here I proved you wrong.

This YOU here, one of the example of top scorer with many soft skills. How proud I am to have him here as my friend.

(Read: YOU means him, not you - pretty confusing right. That was my intention 😜)

Here are of our photos together. I am not playing bias here. I pictured which one I think memorable.

This was the first time our working so late together. It was 2 am guys. Kak Tim, Ben and Me. Actually that part can be finished by one people. But, since Kak Tim was our leader, so she had the responsibility to finish it together and although Ben had nothing to do, he was there  expressing some ideas and accompanied us to burn the night together. Don't I tell you he was pretty responsible?

This was our assignment during year 1, our pancake was a success. None of us had made it home before. 

He was a such a supportive senior and junior. Throughout our 4 years together, he never failed to help our senior and without sweat he also helped our junior. Junior, if you know, your abang ben was actually the one who was excited to attend your dinner. Such a role model.
 (Except for that over hardworking, I can't take him as a role model. I preferred to be in same group with YenYee and Aziz, ahhhh reminiscing that day, memories stumbled upon YenYee, she was cute HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA, and I have so many funny stories to tell about her as well!!, so do Aziz!)

But, seriously, Ben was such a role model to your kids. 

* * * *  * * * * * * * *

It was a fine morning in PPUKM, when preceptors haven't contacted us yet, Yenyee and me were busy with our mobile phone.. I was chatting with Aily and Yenyee probably scrolling the Insta. Aziz was listening to the music... We were so relaxed you know.. who does not love to be in PPUKM? So relaxing.. 

 not long after that..

He broke that beautiful moment
"Eh, let us discuss about your case yesterday"

he told us referring to Yenyee and Aziz case as we don't have the chance to see patient yet.

YenYee and I had a priceless moment and we looked at each other in disbelief. 
We burst into laugh!!!!! 

Why do I feel the way we acted resembles those in Mean Girls scene? Except Ben is a boy. 

Ben.. you are AMAZING. 

* * * * *  * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * 

We were in PPUM to do our OPD 2. 

"I malas lah nak buat clinic hari ni"  He mumbled and I managed to capture those!

WHAT??? what did I heard???

"I malas lah nak pergi clinic dah"  He repeats himself. 



I seriously wanna scold YenYee and Aziz. 

What did they have done to poison Ben's mind hah? Pity Ben. Haish, why la Ben got lazy group mate like Yenyee and Aziz. 

Why la. 

* * *  * * *  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * **  
Since this will be our last week of being a degree student, here are the top 3 list I think he had:

1) He had that intelligent, but he is not the arrogant type. 
But I like to listen to this, (we were so surprised of him does not how to do the necktie)and he said :

"Genius pon ada limitation.."

Come to think of that, I wanna take back what I said. HE ACTUALLY LIKES TO EXAGGERATE OKAY. No, because he was so comfortable with us, so he did that. He was not serious guys. 
When we praised him in front of someone we don't really know, he will say this:

"Eh, tak adela,, sama je la, biasa je la..."

But, you waitlah, after that people gone, he will start to exaggerate hahhahah.

2) A soft hearted  and helpful guy. 

When classmates said, Aziz likes to cry. It's true. Aziz cries like a girl. But, during our 4 years together, Ben cried for one reason and I could not reveal it here. 

But, when you are friends with Ben, he would not let you left untie. He will do as much as he can to help you. He will help you no matter what bad things have you done to him. Although he was very angry at someone, he would never think the bad side of him because he will give a helping hand. 

3) Seems to be hard headed. 

When you see him leading a presentation, he was so full of credibility and leadership skill and you might think the way he acted in front of the audience, shows how hard headed he can be because he controlled everything. But ladies and gentlemen, he is not. 

He was such a nice and humble clever boy who is away of being a hard headed. 

Thank you for being that awesome student and friend!
Enjoy your master and road to phd ya. 

While you doing your study, don't be to stress and don't get that PHD ya. (Permanent Head Damage)

I wish for the best of you.

Prof Dr You Yee Xing. 

Wah.. it really suit you.

Lastly, if you read this... 

I like to tease how over hardworking you are, but actually you are normal. Gifted, to be specific.