When I had a flight back to Kuala Lumpur last 2 weeks, the feelings of hating airplane getting thicker. Seriously guys, when I told everyone on my InstaStories about my hatred towards airplane, I literally means I hate it!. I don't know what goes into me. But, I seriously hate being on a plane.

When I asked someone about this mutual feelings, most of them said, they hate airplane because it will bring them away from family and all those emotional feelings. But man, I was actually talking about a solid hatred to a plane.

I hate it that, I will be sitting for three hours flat in order to go home and without doing anything.   Seriously man, why can't I afford to buy a jet to bring me home in a split of second? Even 45 minutes flight from Tawau to KK or 50 minutes flight from Johor Bahru to KL could wake up that monster inside me. Don't mention about the long flight I had before.

I will be back this Saturday to my home and I took the alternative to transit in KK first before landing to Tawau. Malaysia Airlines Berhad seems to know my abhorrence towards plane so they offered me to upgrade my flight to Business Class. Honestly, I did not know the reason they made this offer to me. Is that because of my flight ticket was actually cheaper than I paid? Then, because of the overprice charged, my flight is eligible to be upgraded to business class?

Forget about that. But, here I want to spill some of the grumpy side of me. Last 2 weeks, when I was board the plane, I immediately force myself to sleep. So, the woman next to me was talking to her boyfriend or husband, I could not tell because, I tell you, I hate to be on the airplane, so I hate looking of every parts of it, so I closed my eyes, but the way she acted, she might not married yet.

There was a few episodes of this woman acting so 'wild'. She moved here and there facing her boyfriend, and sometimes clapping and touching my territory. Okay, just leave her with her world. So, I did not bother, although she kept on hitting my right shoulder. Can you imagine how wild this girl?

I tried to force myself to sleep and chanting zikir and sometimes songs by Charice just to force me sleep. I left my earphone on the luggage, so clearly, I can't shut my ears from listening to their stories. Whatever.


A sudden jerk I got from this lady on my boobs.

I was so pissed off and ....

"Excuse me?? would you like to behave properly? Do you know what you have done??"

"Sorry.. sorry "

'Do you think sorry can heal eveyrthing???? ' I left it unsaid.

That wording was belong to one of my lecturer actually. It was really on point.
I continued closing my eyes.

* * * 

Okay, We have landed in KLIA2 Airport, and that woman was standing immediately and queuing, avoiding some eye contact from me.

We landed at the airport, and I got my mood again.

But but.. checking the list the of flight..

Gosh..  what about that 13 hours 30 minutes flight to London?

Anyway, hows London?