Alhamdullilah, we managed to meet again and passed our holy month successfully. As a daughter of a mom who loves big celebration of any events, especially hari raya, I would work till everyone sees my bone and my muscle, because mom is like that. 3 days before raya, she burn the midnight oil and doing chores until dawn, and keep on repeating this sentence;

"Nanti, waktu malam raya, we don't have to stay up sudah, nanti bole tidur awal kalau everything suda setel" 

mmm.. thats mom. When everything is settled, she would dig in some other task and keep on doing things, and the night before Raya..  Everyone's sleep at 3 am. Well, that's my mom. 

Because my role during raya is setting up so called outside banquet for people who come to my home, and filling the kuih raya and some snacking inside the Kuih Raya container, and monitor the cleanliness of the home.. oh, as a driver and a runner if something is lacking during the course. 

So, everyone is settled around 1 am and I went straight up to my room, planning to iron dad's and mom's and my baju raya as well..... but, everyone used all the irons.. including the garment steamer. Okay, never mind. Because I have my own iron inside my room (the one I used in UKM).. nah! my niece also used it. Okay, never mind. I told them, to give it back to me once they are finished while I take my shower. 

It was 1.50 am, I started to iron 4 sets of dad's baju melayu, 6 sets of mom's baju raya including abaya and her telekung for Solat Sunat Raya and 1 set of my baju raya with shawls.. because, I only have 1 official baju raya for this year, and recycle the previous years, because most of them, I only worn once, so, save some money. Oh, btw, I did not planned to buy one for this year, but mama forced me to buy and said, "I will cry if I see you donning an old clothes, you should have one, plus, you just finished school, so you should shop okay".. Nah, RM390 for one set of Baju Raya gone. Honestly, I never bother about my baju raya, because, I never buy them on my own, everything was prepared, but not this raya. So, I had to buy one or else mom will cry. HAHA. Do you know the feelings when dad give you thousand ringgit for baju raya and you plan not to spend it but being force to buy one? Lucky thing was, I did not have some cash in purse and mom paid for it, but I haven't pay mom, but, is it okay not to pay because I am her daughter? haha

I was sleepy last night, but my niece was inside my room and feeling active and I asked her to tell me some story to avoid me from fall sleep. 

Her name is NurHidayatul Hadawiyah, she is 10 years old now, remember the one that wrote me letters 2 years ago? Yes, hers. When she was younger and in a phase trying to talk, I called her name; Cicibiwi.. I don't know why, so, one day, I called her: Wiya. The youngest her likes to correct me, "Cicibiwi Cinok.." with the baby's way of talking. 

Now, she is 10, an excellent student and always told me a story about her family: 

"Ciknok, nanti kami dah pindah Sabah, umi mahu bukak restoran, pekerja nya ialah kami: 

Umi jadi bos,
Daddy jadi tukang cuci pinggan, 
Kak Mashita (14 years old) jadi cashier,
Nadhira (6 years old)  tukang sapu, 
Aku (10 years old)  dengan abang (15 years old)  tukang amik order,
C Daniel pon (2 years) , kalau sudah dia besar, tolong kami amik order atau tolong daddy cuci pinggan"

I laughed at her story. Well my sister (her mom) is a lady boss and... a queen control hahaha.

"So, kalau kamu sekolah macam mana la?"I asked her.

"Oh, kalau kami sekolah, 5 hari, jadi, restoran kami pon, tutup 5 hari, di bukak waktu cuti sahaja" 

"Oh, okay.. jadi is that a restaurant?"

"Iya, tapi bukak waktu cuti sekolah saja..."

Okay, let see soon. 

And, it's 3 am. I scrolled down the social media and falling asleep. 

I wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir dan batin from me and my family. May yours Hari Raya brings happiness forever. <3