Disclaimer: I do not own this painting. Credit to the artist.

Spending my Saturday evening by watching a short movie from China about a girl who gave up her dream of being a painter just because her love for a boy. Even after 10 years that boy who turned to be a man, still do not propose her.Until one day, that girl watched an advertisement about magic chocolate and thats when everything started. That man broke up with her and she accidentally ate that chocolate out of sadness and her mind turned 17. Her 17 years old who was very passionate about drawing and she was surprised knowing the facts that her 28 year old give up her dream just because of that man. Her 28 years old,  almost knows nothing about drawing!!!! and her 17 years old taught her back how to draw and that man was chasing after her once he knew that she can draw!. A very nice and totally recommended story to be watched! 

I was not into art and painting, but watching at this story push my eagerness to paint, although I know I had no talent on that! HAHA.