I logged into my social media and I saw friends' photo with their mothers and wishing the best of their moms. What saddened me the most.. I was here, a thousand miles away from home, without mom. Scrolling thru the socmeds and looking at their photos.. with all those fantastic and bombastic words and nice prayers. 

My mom is a strong woman. She did not get proper educations, she can't speak Bahasa fluently and will let me talk if she needs to deal with someone who prefers Bahasa. She will always tell me:

"You know, back then when I was a teenager, those who can speak Malay, especially girl, they will condemn them.. see now.. those who can speak Malay now is a teacher.. so, you get the the lesson ya"

And I remember, when I was a kid, back then in my primary school, mom will read some books and I was laying beside her and acted as a translator. She will read a sentence and asked me:

"What does this means darling?"

And, there I was, laying and looked at the book, showing off my skills of interpretation and translation of Bahasa to my mother tongue. 

She kissed me and said:

"Rayang c mamak tu, heya na, asal du ata'u, murah -murahan ka langkau iskul nu"
(This is my darling, you are a big girl now, such a clever girl and I pray so that you can be at your  highest education)

The was a moment, when mom told me about someone's family and her relations to my family tree and upon explanation, I asked:

"Mom, what is pamili?"

"Don't you learn English darling? Are you sure you never heard of this?, its family"

Oh.. okay

* * * * 
There was a time, when mom scolded me:

"Don't make any noises while eating, close your mouth and chew properly"

"How to hold the glass?, I told you for so many times, where do you suppose to position your thumb?"

"You should not lift your elbows, while eating, you are a girl, you should know how to position it"

"How do you arrange your meals in a plate?, which part should you be taking first?"

I am not going to mention, how does she disciplined us, especially when it comes to the bedrooms. 

* * * * *

'OCD' does run in my family. Up until now, I never seen people having a real OCD aside from my family. Because I was raised in that way, but I felt a bit "lucky" because I was away from home since I was 13.. so I am safe from that disorder. Kidding!
hehehe. no hard feelings sisters!

How irritated my mom seeing us the whole family eating with a different patterns or colors during a meals.
My mom will cut our hair, if we don't oil them and tie it up properly.
How to fold your clothes, with the edge should be in the same position or else, she will rearrange them back and fold it back all by herself. 
How should we hang our clothes and all. The bottom part should be in the same level of another, and too many words to handle. 

Not to mention

Mom getting lenient.. as long as we are happy, then she will be happy.. but....my first sister...... had the OCD (I think she's improving as well)........  THAT PART I WILL LET HER DAUGTHER TO CREATE A POST ON THAT. 

* * * *  
So, the day before the mother day, I called my mom, I was a bit shy showing some lovey dovey feelings in front of people, I rather write it down or not showing at all. So, the conversation went like this:

"Mom, what chu doin"

"Watching Go Shop, how's life there darling?"

"Ohhh.. mom and go shop surely can't be separated now haha, what are you watching?"

"You know, I really like this version of AlQuran, it has so many colors and easy to read and it also comes with many free gift and bla bla bla bla"

"Okay mom, that sounds wonderful, gotta go now, I need to settle some of my work. Goodnight Mom"

"Okay darling, goodnight, take care there"

"Orait mom, you too"

Mom, I'm not into online shop, but anything for you, happy mothers day Mommy!


Your stubborn and pretty daughter.