I haven't blogged for quite sometimes, and I remember my last post was about mother's day which was about 2 weeks ago? or lesser? I was in a roller coaster mood, so I did not really want to update any post during my hormonal days. Because the post will go public and I don't really want people to see the grumpy side of me. I was a bit down and lacks of motivations to do something, but I know I need to do something memorable for me to always remember.

One of the memorable moment last week as well!. 

 The first group to catch the booth!

Waking up today with an empty feeling and started to think, what should I do today? Should I go out to enjoy life? To spend some money in the coffee shop while doing some assignments there? Or should I just stay in the room and rest and do nothing but forcing myself to finish assignment as soon as possible?

In case if you don't know, I just finished my clinical exam yesterday for OPD and IPD was on Monday. I was not sure about IPD, but I was doing bad for OPD..... I hope the best for the result, just let me pass.... I was not hoping for an A anymore. Juts let me pass..

I was thinking about my future of, who I wanna be? Apart from being a Dietitian, who do I wanna be? I also want to enjoy life? Going to one shop from another and buy things on my own as well!.

Is there anyone wants to start a business and collaborate with me? You may PM me on my social media or send me an email so we can exchange our personal contact number!. Thank you.
 I am hoping to see you.