Last time, I went to JMT Cafe together with friends out of sudden. The eagerness of going there was like forever, and we decided to give it a try for dinner. Bascially, JMT Cafe is not really a cafe, but like a stall in a superior way. The design is more like a hipster cafe, but the location of the cafe causes it to be called as as a stall as well. The lightning was not very good and quite dimmed if you want to snap some photos. However, the light emission is still in an acceptable range.

The cafe itself had a small range of menu selection, with only 8 types of menu including snacks and few selection of beverages. I would say, this cafe was actually implementing a minimalist kind of thing. Yes, the minimalism was there. The price was cheaper as well, example for the spaghetti. Where do you get a spaghetti which only costs you RM5? But still, expect a small portion of it. However, there was some of the menu which quite affordable and matched the portion size as well. And that was what I ordered.

I was taking a photo using a camera and suddenly the waiter passed by, so in the middle of shyness, I quickly hid the camera. I managed to take a photo...  but the quality was bad.

Is there any one of who love Keropok Lekor? Because I was so addicted to it. The combination of sauce and cheese really brings out the tense flavor of keropok lekor and who could resist? We ordered for a second round because Mizah wanted to treat us (Read: We forced her) So nice lah this kind of friend hehehe. The Keropok Lekor costs RM5.

We shared a drink. I forgot the name, but basically, it was like Air Bandung but with added soda inside. Quite nice, but I am not a sugar-drinker. So, I did not finish the drink. To those who does not know, this is Era. We suddenly made a plan for eating out during dinner. But, she was dressed up beautifully at this time, but I was not!

This is what Era's ordered. The portion only fits one stomach. Or else, you will end up ordering some other menu. It was delicious. Era rated this as 7/10. For me, in terms of the taste, I would go for 8.5/10. However, the overall presentation and portion size, I would go for 7/10 as well. I may suggest a diabetic patient to  order this kind of Spagetthi in order to control their blood sugar as well!. I was actally emphasizing on the portion control. Okay, so random.

This is how the cafe looks like. Their concept of dining are open air. I was eating a Lekor.

This is what I ordered. It was delicious and nice!. Overall presentation I gave 10/10. The price was only RM9. Where else we get a cheaper yet a "posh" presentation of the food? Totally recommended!.

Nah, calon menantu mak awak. Single. Loves outdoor activity, but easily cry. In a love relationship with netball and touch her heart if you can and you'll be the luckiest man on earth 😜.

The one who is ready to get married!. Single and can pamper you through her physiotherapy skills!. HAHA. Discover her innerself and you will be laughing the whole day. My favorite singer as well!.

Thanks for reading! 🌹