The past few weeks, was the glorious time for my face hehe (I think so). Was so excited to know that my friend became MUA so, I forced her to enhance my beauty some more! (lels). Ohh that was the such a confident statement, but yeah, can't hide that. 

It was a hobby in the first place and she was very passionate about it! Along the way, she managed to brush up her skill and felt confidence to start a business. The hobby that makes money. Of course, beauty is subjective beauty is pain, so told her, being a MUA will surely receive many comments many compliments... and more money coming in...but somehow it leads to frustration. People who created this quote was really genius and such a future predictor!. Beauty is pain beauty is subjective.

I can tell, having your make up on, you will feel confident to walk along the way and some will experience insecurity episodes. Well, I guess that was normal. Because you are not used it yet. But, having a make up on was like having a fun. Within this period as well, I met a bunch of guys who were not agreed on the idea of this. 

"Why lah nak use make up, natural beauty is okay what"

"Kalau dah ada boyfren, kenapa nak pakai mekap, orang yang pakai mekap tu tujuan dia nak cari pakwe" 

They were so funny and cute!!! I was laughing, listening to their honest thought, however, they don't know the definition of beauty. So conservative.. But seriously, they are so funny. Girls nowadays wear makeup not to attract boys attentions neither looking for a partner. But, they are more into girl-to-girl-beauty-fight. They want to be pretty like all those pretty girls. We don't stalk boys, but we are stalker to each other. Girls come on, support me please. Boys, if you don't believe, ask your girlfriends or your sisters. 

I used to hate make up. Because I believe, those kind of things will spoil my face, but I still had that feeling though.

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