When you want home so much, but it's too far away to reach, when you want home so much, but the tight schedule in front. Home is a place for you to relieve stress, to bring happiness and to relieve sadness. 
There are a bunch of people that I consider home as well. The family you had when mom and dad are thousand miles away. The person that always appears out of nowhere.

You always come at the right time. You called me, want me to listen to you, but end up, you listened to me. The first person comes into my mind is you. Why should not I love you?

And you are the person is I considered 'mom'. The first time I cried during my year 1, I came to your room and you hugged me tightly. 

How to not love 'home'?

 The baby who acted like a crying baby so much.

The one who cares so much.

The one who spend my last day of being 20 years old. 

I love all of you, along the way of friendship, we might fight or have some misunderstanding, but, just forget the mistakes and remember to learn the lesson.

I heart you.
(I also had some people who are with me thru my thick and thin, but these people just came at the right time right moment. )