For the past few weeks or months, specifically after back from my Japan vacation. I started having a dry and chapped lips, it's dryer even day, and I started feeling itchy and peeling it off was like a routine to my day, thus, its worsening. So, I kept on applying some grain size amount of Vaseline onto my lips, but I got some adverse reaction from  it. My lips getting inflamed and swollen. I stopped using it. 

I went to the pharmacy and asked for some topical creams or something to relieve the itchiness and get my lip moisture. But, the pharmacist said, I might have some allergic reaction towards foods or some products on the skin that I used. So, she asked me to see a doctor and suggest me lipbalm for sensitive skin. But, because my skin was so itchy, I chose something which has some cooling and icy effects on. I saw this Mentholathum Lip Balm, and then I bought it. 

Yes, it did worked on my skin. Was providing an immediate action and leave my lips hydrated. But, it was only for a short term. Soon, when I entered the library or air-conditioned place, or even drinking too much water, it leaves my lip even dryer. I reapplied it back and forever. Kept on applying, which made me feel so fed up.

So, there was a night when I suddenly applied an amount of vaseline onto my lips and actually was sleeping with it on. Taraaa... the next day, my lips getting itchy and swollen. So, I was certain that Vaseline was actually the culprit. No, it was not actually. It made my lips getting worst, but not the only causes.. that cold weather was the truest culprit. 

I took an advise from friends and that young pharmacist to seek for a doctor's advise. Okay, I met doctors everyday in my life, but suddenly me being the patient... oh.. that was not cool. 

I went to Reddy Clinic, which is a panel clinic for UKM Student, and that handsome doctor told me, I might have some hypersensitive reaction towards some products and advised me to stop the usage for at least 1 week, and eat a medicine. Apparently, the doctor gave me Prednisolone 30mg OD and some Loratidine (did not eat). 1 tab is 5mg, so the doctor asked me to eat 6 tabs in 1 shot. I asked Mia, about this, Mia said, 60mg is the maximum dosage in a day, don't eat it that much or else you will have some withdrawal syndrome. WHATTTT.. she told me not to eat that much? well Mia, don't you know how much I hate medicine? Not convinced by Mia prescription, I straight away asked someone who practiced his knowledge and he told me the same. Eat 6 tabs in 1 shot. Okay.... I was complied to the medications okay, 6 tabs everyday to finish in 5 days. That was madness. But, I survived. The lips getting better and no inflamation anymore and not swollen too. I was a 50/50 patient in my thought. I was complied to the medications and did not complied on the advise to stop the lip product that I used for at least 1 week. Well, in fact, I stopped vaseline because I was quiet sure, it was the agent to worsen my lips. 

So, everything back to normal. I got my moist lip skin back. The sunny world not forever be sunny, and my skin getting dry back. It was after drinking 1L of drinking water. I mean, the water was in contact with my skin, so, it leaved a dry like on my skin. Okay, I stopped using all the products since yesterday (today was an exception :P).

Today, I went out with Aily, and I forgot the lipbalm!!!!. I became insecure. Aily seeing my ugly chapped lips was not cool at all. A typical girlfriend who wanted to look pretty. I googled either Paradigm mall has Innisfree outlet inside and I was loved by God! There's an Innisfree here. So, I went in and straight away purchased their moisture lip treatment!. 

It feels good with this lip mask on!. Hopefully, it treats my lips better. Well, medications, doctor's advise won't work on me. Because they are not the causes of my problem. It's the product that causes my lips getting worse. So, product should be the one who heals it. Am I right? 

If the skin product causes yours to be ugly, use some skin product to make it even prettier!. 
(Not eat the medications and stop using some product, because until what extend you can depend on the meds and can you stop yourself applying some products forever?)

What I learnt from here: 

1) Don't stop travel just because you got chapped skin from a cold weather. 
2) Don't stop using a product, just because Dr told you to do so. Try to filter the advise with logic and some clinical advise and judgement. Even Dr did not know which one you allergic to,. so you know yourself better. You better treat it yourself. But, seeing a doctor is good you know. Except for the part that he explained to you on the facts you already know. 
3) Or should I follow Dr's advise? (Do I really look like an anti-doctor?, I am not, don't worrry).


Honestly, I felt sleepy. Goodnight!