Errr.. Hi, I'm back!. I was thinking of going to sleep now. Looking at the watch and I still had some time. Had time to update my blog again. God, it feels good to be back here. Back to blogging. Did you know, somehow blog is like my virtual home. As much as I love sleeping, there's nothing quite like reopening your browser and log in into my blog.Tucked myself in and snugging the blanket up to the chin. Begin typing. 

Now, I was thinking on a topic. It was a language. An English Language. God, did someone's proficiency level on some language will depends on their practice? Yesterday, I was doing some random English Online Test on Jobstreet. Before I started the test, I practiced on the 'practice part' and I managed to score 39/40. In which it lacks 1 mark on the comprehension part. Basically, the test was divided into 4 categories (Conversation, Grammar, Comprehension, Vocabulary). I managed to score full marks on the 3 categories, but lack 1 in the comprehension part. Seriously, comprehension is the most important thing in determining your understanding level, but with a whole paragraph and you need to circle or click on it? Does it really dictate your understanding level as a whole? I got 39/40 during the practice part and so much the worse for the real test. I was given a time and I scored even lesser than the practice section! So funny. HAHA

Gosh.. I need to learn to just get to the point instead of deviating your attention over something unnecessary. If you don't practice the languages you learnt, you will end up forgetting them. To me, this statement is true. I learned Arabic before, I only know how to read and understand some part, but to be able to speak (not that fluent) like the previous day was almost impossible. Because I did not practice. I learnt Mandarin before, I can only catch up some words, but to speak and to pronounce the words are almost impossible. Though some of the pronunciations are quite easy, some are not. 

I also have some habit of rereading my previous blog posts and the most embarrassing thing was, I found many grammatical errors and limited vocabulary on. HAHA. I was thinking of taking them down and reverted to draft for 'maintenance' but, nevermind. Let it be the mistakes and I will improve it on the next next next next posts. How come I got A+ for my English?!. HAHA. Maybe, that was during the exam and I was so careful, keep on rechecking on the composition and revising all the notes given, but, the blog is the place where I expressed everything. No time to check for some grammatical errors. However, let's work on this okay. 

Limited vocabulary is one thing. Solution: I should read novels. 

In case if you wonder why this post is published on the day.....

So jakun I am. Trying to see if it is working.