Is there anybody here missing me? Honestly, my time with the screen was reduced due to some commitment in the ward. However, my-phone-time is longer than the laptop as I need to contact the dietitian in charge for my group. Hence, a glimpse of the phone will never be missed. The reason why you see me online and active on my Instagram lately. I also made some alternative to try updating the post using a mobile device. It works! The problem was, I can't focus on the screen. Too small. What do you expect from an outdated iPhone5. Don't expect anything. LOL.

Insha Allah, we will be graduating this year, and I am going to finish my study in less than 2 months. I am partially a job-hunter. But still no action taken.. which means, wanted to search for a job, but end up watching Youtube and..... Updating this post. No, the reason is because, I had so many queries in my mind. Let say, I got to be called for an interview, but at the same time, I need to settle my clinical posting and no time to attend. How disappointed is that!. Somemore.. all my certificates are home, and I am here in KL. How do I go for an interview?

I was excited waiting for the graduation, but I know bundles of burden awaited in front of me. The fact that I could never deny ANYMORE. Okay, the more I think about the career, the more I discovered about my passion being a clinical dietitian. During the early attachment last semester, on the first day specifically, I was having a thought of quitting Dietetic school, but not anymore. I really pray and hope, I will be a clinical dietitian. Yes, this is what I wanna be. 

The main reason why I want to be a dietitian was because of the hospital, the uniform and the casuallity. I want to work in the hospital. I don't want to wear a uniform like the nurses did. I want to mingle and meeting patients, but I DON'T WANT TO BE A DOCTOR. Until, I found what is a dietitian actually. 

I was quite impatient, because the journey of being a Dietetic graduates were not easy as you were thinking. I felt bored in the middle of the journey and thrilled at the end of it. Because, this is what I always wanted. The passion inside. 

The career pathway is not easy as you think as well. Who knows, what will happen after this? I might be deviated from the professional journey, but, I will make sure, that is just a moment. A moment. Clinical Dietitian is a goal. 

If you are reading this, would you please pray for my future as well? Thank you!! 

P/S: I should ask Ben to snap my photo with the white coat on and showing off how professional is my future profession. Kidding. 

Let us pray for this author of this blog yah!! Ameen. Love you. 

*Pray so that my future employers never see this post*