What are your insecurities?..  Of all things in the world, somehow I feel insecure about my hip and my thigh. Too many fats are stored there, it makes me feel insecure. Especially when I want to wear  a jeans with a top above the hips.

 I need to rethink the idea of wearing this kind of attire and style, because of the overly fat projection of the hip. Watching those skinny ladies wearing jeans comfortably really makes me want to be like them. Although, it is an asset to a woman, but it's actually not. not really. 

This is a perfect body and image that I always dreamed of. Look at the thigh. 

I want a thigh like this. 

And a hip like this with only a little projection of the fat.

But... Among all those explanations above... I seriously think that I am fat. Is this really the harm of being a dietitian? Always thinking you are fat, although the measurement says you are not. Or, did I experienced some symptoms of anorexia nervosa? 

I seriously think, I am at the number 4, and it is not a good sign for me. But, my friends and family said, mine is at the scale 3. 

How about you ladies?

Disclaimer: I do not own these images. Sources from Google. Credit to the owner.