Monday, 10 April 2017

For you who earns a living.

For you who earns a living, why do you feel so scared when your superior are looking for you?
Why do you have to force yourself though you are reaching the end of your life?
Just because a living?

For you who earns the living, why do you have to force yourself until the extend you would kill yourself just for you to earn the living? Just why?

Have you ever been scolded by your superior or because of your dead respectful side cause you to force yourself just to earn a living?

Why do you have to fake yourself to dead just to earn a living? Don't you have any courage to fight? Or brave enough to take a permission to break for a while? Just why?

For you who earns a living, take my advice. Just please take my advice. We are all humans. We know someone's limit and for you.. You should know your limit too. To what extend you tortured yourself just for a living?

Stop. Just stop. I pity you. and I hate you... Because, you know, you are the one who should help yourself.

Voice out when you can,
Fight while you can,
Argue when you can,
But make sure it is right,
Right for your right.

I believe not all the superiors out there are bad.
Or are you just playing with the shadow?
The shadow of your superior?
That makes you feel so fearful,
That makes you forced yourself to death.

And for you the superior, don't be so arrogant, though you help people making a living,
But in fact, they are helping you to make a living as well.
Have you ever imagined if all the inferiors are standing up against you? Would you be able to make a living?
If you prepared to be the inferior, or the 'inferiorist' or the lowest position among the inferior,
Just continue to torture the inferior.

To all the world best superior ever, thanks for making other's life feel blessed. May Allah bless you always and forever.

Once again, for you who you might think you are inferior:

Self love, self respect, self worth. There is a reason they all start with "self". Simply because you cannot find them in anyone else. But IN YOU. 

-The observer who starts to think about earning a living, MWAR-

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