It was Wednesday when Mia encouraged me to do my write up, and said, ignore her presence. How come I can ignore someone's presence when she is right in front of me?  Was so guilty of having a heavy morning tea and she only ate Kek Batik that I made myself, so I told her to inform me whenever she feels hungry so that we can go to cafeteria together or she can cook herself instant noodles which stored inside my drawer.

But, she kept on mentioning, "Don't worry about me, If I feel hungry, I will settle it by myself"
Nah, in every time we planned to meet, she keeps on complaining that she has no food to eat, that her aunty does not cook? and I remember she willingly went to KLIA just to eat lunch with me because she had no friend to eat? Then she kept on mentioning this "Don't worry about me, If I feel hungry, I will settle it by myself"???? to me?

I can say that she has the rebellious heart and I know that well. No wonder she became an excellent keyboard warrior and considering her behavior, I made her lunch and stop all my write up!

........... but....... she said said "Stop being so nice, I am not used to it" HAHA. How evil we were. I mean, we are not used to being so nice to each other, but deep inside we did care for each other too. (Really?)

BUT... Honestly, there were 2 reasons why I cook:

1) Because I was so bored doing my write up and I am so tired of sitting in front of the screen just to finish the write up!

2) Because, I know she would not let me stop my write up just to accompany her to eat?, thus, she won't voice it out if she feels hungry.

So, being a daughter to my mom who will scold me if she knows I don't feed my guest and being a future dietitian who won't allow the people to skip their  meals... I cook!

Then we finished the meals together.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * ** **

Initially, it was 30% done, but knowing that I had mini reunion with friends.. I kept on typing and trying to finish the write up. But.. was so lazy. So, it stucked at 50%.

So, Mia made a decision to stay a night in my room. Okay! Good!, and she always brings a positive vibes to me. Last time she stayed a night as well, the day after, I finished my write up.

And the second time she came was on the last Wednesday, and yes, as expected I managed to finish my write up on Thursday and submitted on Friday which is yesterday.. Although the due date is on coming Monday, but i managed to complete it and enjoy my mid sem break! Yeayyyy!!!!.

Thanks my dearest friend Jong a.k.a Mia.

Let's spread the positivity around us alright :) :)