Such a boring Saturday I had.. Though I have so many tasks to do in a row, still.. Being a typical student who loves to procrastinate, still worth following the laziness. Almost 2pm, after Zuhr, I forced myself to make a move, list down all the 'to-do-list' things and hopefully to be settled by today. 

Finished my laundry, on the way to do my logbook. Suddenly, I saw this book, (Borrowed from Shidah last 2 nights, and planning to read on Friday night. I totally forgot!) so, I grabbed it, and... nevermind, will do the logbook later. 

Life is a story by my lecturer, Dr Hanis Yahya..

Honestly, I forgot when was the last time I read this kind of genre. I haven't finish reading, but, can't help myself to do this blogpost. What I realized... We were so dive in into the world of publicity and drown into people's life full of popularity, so busy checking their life updates, following their insta, Facebook, twitter or even watching a vlog on the youtube, and without us knowing, we made that as our 'reading material' happy when you see the notification squads are buzzing on your phone.. until we don't realized, we actually become open upon accepting all the uncommon things some people do as an okay to the society. 

But, I, then realized, the more you dive into those kind of world, the more you forgot how to brush up your finest quality of life, you forgot that high moral principle one should have.  Forgot the common sense, and assuming everyone is okay.. "I am okay, then you are okay". 

When they said...

"Masuk universiti kena pandai jaga diri, nanti terpengaruh dengan benda-benda tak elok".. 

I said nay. Because I believe, I won't be like that. But I was so wrong. Totally wrong. It's true marine fish won't taste salty though they live in a deep sea, but that's a fish, in which our God did not create them with their akal. But, as a human, you need to supplement yourself with all those advise and Tazkirah, to remind you. Because, when you had that, if you go wrong, it will lead you back when you made a mistake, to help you do a self reflection on yourself. Your behavior and your attitude... It's a simple reading, but can bring back those superior quality of life. My mom always say this to us: 

"You better listen to my advice, because, when you keep on repeating the same mistakes, and keep on neglecting my advice.. Then don't regret when bad things happened, and it will be the most hurtful adviser ever for you.. Don't blame me if that happened"

If mom, were an educated person, she will have her own book too. Hehe. But, it's okay mommy, all your   kata-kata will be published on my blog, so, are you now thinking of another 98 kata-kata? Because I will made a section on "99 kata-kata mamak saya" on my blogpost

Joke aside. 

Thank you Shidah for lending me this book, though I said, I don't wanna read that yet, because I will buy for my own, but she insisted. Nice reading material to bring back your highest quality of life, highly recommended. Will get a copy for my mom too.

Thank you for your story Dr, if people read this, they will make sure to make their life as a best seller too.