It's so cruel that I have been silent for a quiet some time, and come again with a bad news of myself. I always want to advise people not to wear any spectacles (please take care of your eyes) or please don't be a short sighted, people. Yes, it is really troublesome to wear something in order to increase the productivity of your life, to maintain your excellent quality of life. I somehow think, how can some people still not developing any sight problem? but some of us, had that? Yes, since 11 years ago, I became a spectacles girl.. if I can turn back the time.........

Yes, I always have this kind of problem okay, every year.... changing my spectacles.. and money will be flying and overflowing.... Here goes the story.

I did not realize how it becomes like this, but, the moment I take my specs off from the bureau,.. It's ruined. Yeah, I did this last year with almost RM600, my power is very high and they claimed it anti scratch and all. Yes, have to admit that, it really is. Hopefully, I can have some time to buy a new specs  tomorrow. 

Adek was trying to show her practical side of repairing a broken item, however the idea of pasting the reinforcement ring was mine. Two brains are better than one right!.

But, to no avail. Once its broken, its broken!. The rings can't handle and hold the specs. 
Be prepared to let the money flowing. 

Have a nice day to all.