If you one of the followers on my Instagram, you'd know about my activity these days. Of course, I uploaded my Insta stories and bomb-ed you with the notifications. Was so boring to death, thus, I came out with so many activities. Usually Aily will fetch me out for a lunch during weekend, but since he went home, so, my life was a bit bland. The beginning of the study week is really the best week ever for every students.  Enjoyed my life as could I as can. From surprising Eya for her birthday, from food hunting and going back and forth from College to town, really makes me absorbed with life. Until, one day.. I think, I need to rest and need to settle my works and tasks and to avoid money from overflowing. I swear.. it was not cool of seeing a decrement in amount of your account. People biggest fear. EVER. 

For the past 2 days, I was having too much fun. I literally meant TOO MUCH FUN, and yesterday, I went to fetch Cinta from UM, for Shell Out hunting (If you read my previous post and review, then you would know). We were so crazy, from UM to Shell Out to UKM to UM and to UKM back. The interesting fact is, UM IS ACTUALLY 15-20 MINUTES FROM MY PLACE. I told Cinta, will visit her often. Sure. I came home about 12 midnite. COME ON, I am senior what. Final year student, thus, 12 am is not my biggest fear anymore. But, driving in a rain was not cool at all. Now, I really appreciate my family's cars. Little I know, the reason why people bought expensive cars because of the comfy, security and all. In which I never appreciate it back home. 

Just now I had my make-up on, saja try-try, when I am done, I snapped thousand of photos and sent it to Mendaks Bebeh on Whatsaap group, sent to Aily and uploaded it on InstaStories. But, the instastories only last for 2 minutes, and I deleted. HAHAHA. Dunno why. 

Because, I was so paranoid on make up substances and thought It will ruining my skin and face, I removed the make up and after washing my face, I apply the mask. So here it goes: 

I used Innisfree face mask in the scene of Pomegranate.

So refreshing. 

I am into skin care compared to make up-make up thingy.