( My kind of hot drink is with no sugar. The 5g of sugar is just for photo-material)

So, someone told me, coffee is a hug. As a loyal tea drinker, I never give a chance to my eyes and to my tongue to see and to taste many variations of coffee. Though, tea and coffee contain caffeine, however, each of it has a different percentage of caffeine, in which in tea is the least. 

Usually, when I drink coffee, I will go for espresso. Yes, I mentioned pure ESPRESSO. That intense experience of coffee made me go for it. My very first taste of this intense coffee was during study week about 2 years ago. Studying at room really made me suffocated. Therefore, in order to find a new environment to study, I went to Coffee Planet. Since, I have no idea what was coffees all about, the types and how good the taste will be, so I chose Espresso. The moment I placed my order, that girl looked at me and reconfirm. I said Yes. I want Espresso. The barista told me, espresso is bitter and not that palatable. Are you sure?. Thousand of yes I told them. 

I had my espresso in demitasse-styled cup and managed to finish it. Not bad. I questioned myself: How come this is so expensive, with such a small volume of coffee, about 1/4 standard measuring cup and no sugar no milk. Clearly they are making billions of money. Done talking about espresso thingy. 

Yesterday, the chief of dietitian in National Heart Institue (IJN)  served me with drink, she asked, coffee or tea? Well, I know, since the teabag still inside the hot flask, I believed that tea will be too concentrated. So, I opted for Coffee. My kind of tea-style is less concentrated and with no sugar. Which means, the teabag will only stay in a mug for about 30 second before I take it out. At least, that tea gives some slight  'pigmentation' to my drink. I wont drink the tea if it is too concentrated. (Then, I questioned myself, Am I really a loyal tea drinker?)

P/S: Such an honour, when someone so prestigious poured you a drink. Once in a lifetime. She is the first and one and only Malaysian who received 2016 Outstanding Dietitian of the Year award from the largest Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the world's largest organisation of food and nutrition professionals, founded in the United States. Congratulations and thanks for being such an inspiration to all the young dietitian-to-be out there, dearest Mdm Mary Easaw.