Democracy- rule of the majority. Not rule of the right or rule of the correct. We live in a world in which perception on what is right and wrong is ruled by the majority. This differs among nations, states and even ethnicity. To measure what is acceptable and needed by a particular group will dictate what politics is needed in play. Should racist remark be used. What tone will be appropriate. No man is free from politic. In workplace settings where colleague of different views may have different opinions, among friends with wide spectrum of understandings or between families with their own upbringing values. Politics need to be part of our life, only with that we can engage in principles that brings out the best in life. To joins people what advocates civil rights, or support group that cares for cancer survivors. Without political support, all of these small groups will burn out like life's brief candle.

In this kind of politic where all are govern by the law, law itself should be made in accordance to human rights. However a country which has strong moral values and good behaviour may not need strong law enforcement. On the other hand, a nation which has strict law may need to rely on heavy fines and punishment to govern behaviour of its citizen. Punishment should not be a strong point of the law, but for law itself to govern the well being of it people. 

Pondering upon the recent elections in the US, we were caught unprepared for Donald Trump's win over Hillary. Riots and protest has now become a real and frightful event in the States. Hate crimes are on the rise. All of these due to the election of a new president. Whatever the result were, it was the people's choice and thus should be respected. A nation which fails to uphold democracy may result to Dictatorship. And worst, a democratic nation which holds elections and polls but never stands to uphold "democracy" will truly crumble. Lets take country B for example. A is now leader for country B. However, due to riots, protest and fights among the people, opposition parties hold rallies and demand A to step down. In this case, mostly will demand that A should step down. Once violence and hate rallies manages to "take out" democratically elected leaders, it will be a tradition for its people to do so whenever they dislike a leader and, certainly promote further violence. Thus it is with my most humble opinion that rallies and violence should not be resort to unless basic human rights itself are taken away.

Well, that was Gordon's personal view on politics. For me, as long as we can live happily, can live breathing in the name of tpeace and can exhaled all those riots. Then, it would be okay.