Apart from family, there's one thing that we could never live without. Friendship. Every people has their own way to express how much they love their friends and how much friendship is so valuable for some people. Some will spending their times together, some will bla bla bla and bla bla. After all, the objectives of all these, just to cherish the friendship. To keep everything in tied, to hold it tightly, to love it endlessly, to secure it closely. 

Back to personal life, since I was young, up until now, I have countless of friends until the extends I can't even remember their names and need to squint so many times and look at them closely, in order to recall the memories back. You must feel unlucky of having me as your friends right? No worries. I won't make you like that. Come on babe, once we are friends, forever be friends. Glad, to the scientist for the globalisation world, and thanks to all the mobile applications-creator that makes us feel so close when everyone is thousand miles apart. So, how do I keep this friendship grows fonder? I am not that active kid on never-ended-conversation-on-whatsApps. Luckily, I have another 6 pillars who never know how to stop creating any topics, updating the gossips, telling us some issues and many more. Not to mention, each of us has our own characteristics, one could be a love-counsellor, could be a backer, could be the ustazah, could be the gossips girl, could be the hipster, could be the MUA, the slackers, the spoiler, the .. the.. you name it. Every characteristics are gathered in one WhatsApps Group, which we named it as "😍Mendak Bebeh😘" . Oh my, please don't laugh. I copied the WhatsApps's name without any traces left behind. Complete with the smiling-face-with-heart-shaped-eyes-emoji and face-throwing-kiss-emoji. Legit!

So, this group will never stops making my life full of laughs. Yes, it has 7 brains inside, which has their own dynamicity. So, one fine evening, they created a fuss which needs us to tell how much we knows about each other and review of one's behavior. I haven't pay my feedback yet, so I decided to place my review here. Well, you know, my friends like to be a famous person, however, to shy to even express it. As a front-stabber I am, I will let the world to know who they really are. Be ready. (Actually, they requested it to be placed here). So, this is how the story goes: 

I received so many texts from them, about 400++ notifications. I scrolled quickly, and I paused at this photo. I chose not to answer this query. Well, since I am the last one, to respond and the girls responded so fast, at the same time being a spoiler. So, no need to answer right. 

However, I feel the need to answer this question. The main reason why I came up with this post. 

1. Nur Amirah binti Abdul Nuri/ 22 years old/ Trying so hard to move on (Single). Nickname: Jong/ Mia

Keep on sharing her photos in the midst of fitting. If I were the owner of the shop, I will immediately ring the security guard to chase her out of my premise. She is a kind of front-stabber to me and not to her housemates. Haha. Bet, more than a decade friendship will produce an output like this. No sweet words, no compliments, no lovey-dovey acts and of course everything full with mean sentences and nasty comments. Readers, you never know the value of friendship like this, where everything so pure without being covered. An ugly truth you said. Personally, having a friend like this, who really cares of us is a treasured. Since her parents are working as a teacher, no wonder she is very punctual. But, we know, deep inside, we care for each other. Example: when she has no one to accompany her to go somewhere, then only she finds me and vice versa. So, In my opinion, we both only seek for each other when we don't have anyone, and hanya mencari ketika susah. Sounds so nasty right. Well. I told earlier. I know she loves me. Hahah.

2. Nurul Syahidah Binti Muslimin / 22 years old/ In love with someone (Single). Nickname: Cidak

If you read on the second paragraph, I mentioned  some of our characteristics. She is our one and only Ustazah. I mean, everyone can play a role as the ustazah. However, she holds the portfolio of the official Ustazah in our group. When I think into depth, holding a portfolio as an ustazah, does not let her stuck in that womb. She has the rocker-side, when she's tryna be some of the hipster teenagers by changing the way she talks. Soft, delicate but not that fragile that I could describe of her. Confusing right? Get to know her better in order to understand. It's been a long time we haven't meet for each other.  Have you been well Cidak? Have you gain some weight? and plus plus plus question suddenly appeared in my mind. With her attitude yang suka tidur awal, and as other girls say, she will come, when everyone already off their mood for some particular conversation. She will pop up, once the hot issues and topics (read: taufiq) ended about 2 hours ago. That's just her. Well, I understand that, she might does not want to involve on this dosa kering. Yes. Ustazah. One thing for sure : Jangan di sangka ustazah tidak pandai selfie okay. 

3. Zuraifah Ismenyah/ 22 years old/ Madly in love with her one and only Addi (Sorry, place has been occupied). Nickname: Yok / Zure / Tizzaqyah (she changed her contact name on my phone with this)

This is actually one of the decent photos when she keeps on asking us " Eh, kamu tengok ba muka aku, cantik jugak kan kalau tidak pakai mekap". Well, I ignored. She's waiting for the compliments, I know. You don't know how does the mechanism of puberty hit. Have to admit, she turns to be one of the beautiful ladies in my circle, mastered with the knowledge of make-ups and all girly stuffs. Such a supportive friends and suddenly sent you a private messages to talk about anythings, especially this loves thingy. Don't be surprised, because please read the description on her photo above. Madly In Love. Back to basic, one of the cheerful girl that always cherish the friendship. A perfect friend should be rated. Example of friend that you should have in your friend lists. She will be there for you, thru the nights and thru the days. Person that really cherished the relationship like tomorrow never come.  The last messages that I remembered about her that makes me laugh : (Thru a voicenote) Eh, kamu dengar bah suara ku ni, sedap ka kalau menyanyi dekat voicenotes? sebab aku mao nyanyi lagu happy birthday nanti untuk c Addi. Not forgotten, she has the talent of qariah. A perfect candidate for your mom, dearest Addi. 

4. Noor Shazwani binti Abd. Taib/ 22 years old/ Successfully move-on from ungrateful guy (Single) Nickname: Eyaw/ Wani

People keep on saying that she is beautiful and pretty. Oh My. I really really really dislikes that statement. Because, I believed I am the one. Jokes aside. She is a sweet person despite on her nasty-mouth when she is in her anger state. Of being together for so many years, thing that I can conclude ; She is one of the most unbiased friend I met for the whole of my life. Many things happen back then, but, she has her own stand. She was the one who created this WhatsApps group. That's why if you ever came across and read our comments on random posts, you will noticed that we addressed her as 'admin'. Yes, the most successful career she ever had. LOL. Without you knowing, she will touch your heart by some random thing. Evidenced by, she visited me at the airport before my flight back to KL after completing my posting at Hospital Likas. The moment she talked to Aily, I was WOW-ed. With her not-so-good-semenanjung-accent, she managed to bring Aily out of his awkwardness. Too bad, ungrateful guy takes her for granted. It's okay, with your BEAUTIFULLLLLLL AND PRETTYYYYY face and attitudes, mothers around the world will fight for you. Oh my. how much I missed our time gossiping during class, with our mirror opened and trying so hard to fake smile just to look pretty. LOL. And, one thing I remember: She accused me killing the kitten, when I was completely innocent on that. Girl, I don't even dare to get close to kitten or cats, how come can I kill it?. Everything revealed by Cikgu Farah. She said, that kitten was killed by its dad, and its mom brought it all the way from Bilik Pengawas and hid under my table. You know, we were a back-benchers and our tables have the  skirting, and such a perfect place to hid bloody-kitten as it was near the door. After all, my heart can  easily touched even by a little thing. hehe.

5. Nurul Farhana binti Jasim/ 22 years old/ Also sweetly in love with his boyfriend, Nawi. (Door closed, no entrance to her heart anymore) Nickname: Pai / Nana Senpai .

If you asked who was the most otai person in school? if you asked, who was the one who likes to play truant? and who is that girl with his SO BRIGHT RED TUDUNG IN HER TELEKUNG walking to Surau? Ask no more. She is Nana Senpai. People would questioned us, how come we can be so close despite our so different characters during school time? When you were the prefect and she was the one who never runs from indisciplinary cases. Say no more.This is what happen when you placed your judgement on top of everything. She is the one with the bright future, because she can voice-out anything, she would unfollow what she dislikes. But, have you ever heard of the quote: Not everyone will knows the truest you, until they get to know you? I actually always put my eyes on her during our secondary school, because you know with her so red tudung that can catch everyone's eyes and when she laughed so loud with her so sepet eyes that would attract attention from so many people. I would never break this thing to anyone including her, but I give a token on this. Apart from her so bright Red tudung, I also likes her mata yang macam bercelak. Yes, people just born with that, when you have the black line on your lower lids which people adore so much, people would tend to see to your eyes. But, I'm no lesby. Don't worry. The first time, we really spent time together as a pal, was during matriculation on our orientation day. She left something on her room, and requested me to follow her, dunno, maybe dia takut waktu tu, and while on our ways, she keeps on talking and talking and talking and talking. Still nana senpai with her red tudung berpisah tiada. After almost 5 years of being together, I discovered that she is so caring and so dramatic. Such a passionate story-teller, always put people's feelings first. Proud Bajau Girl.

5. Mira Natasya Cintafifee binti Mahmud / 22 years old/ In a serious complicated relationship. (Single) Nickname: Cinta

Everytime you see that name, people will immediately searching for her. Guess, her name really reflected who she is. Sweet and many-many many plus points, I don't want to brag. Plus, she is really a good sister. Should be noted, her attitude is a kind of 'classy'. I just don't know how to describe. For me, her name describes everything. She was so famous among boys during our secondary school. Boys keep on confessing to her. But, she still likes...... (can't reveal the name here, but, if you recheck on the first photo, it has been revealed). She is a bit quiet and trying to be a hipster girl. However, it does not even suits her. She is so modest and taking consideration of everything. She looks like a sweety-pie. Seriously, our first meet-up was before we entered school, and on our first day, I told her, you look so familiar.. have we met before? I guess on some place. She said no, it was at bla bla bla bla.. and yes. Our mind reconnected. As Mia's said, there is something in her, that I don't even know how to describe. She loves nature, if i am not mistaken, she can create poem too? Is it Cinta?

Advise to bring home: 
(Especially to all the juniors out there)

Kadang-kadang, kita tak sedar pon, musuh kita tu boleh jadi serapat-rapat kuku dan isi. Contohnya, macam Kakak Cinta kamu dan kakak Zuraifah kamu, dorang dulu bermusuh, sebab satu benda, kakak Masfara jadi orang tengah. Tapi sekarang dorang dah rapat dan saling sayang menyayangi. 

Kadang-kadang, kita tidak sedar pon, dulu orang yang suka melanggar peraturan tu seperti kakak Nana kamu, akhirnya boleh berjaya dan bakal bergelar PEMEGANG IJAZAH SARJANA MUDA KEWANGAN ANTARABANGSA. Padahal, kakak Masfara suka tulis nama orang yang melanggar peraturan. Sebab kakak Masfara pengawas waktu itu. 

Kadang-kadang, kita tidak sedar pon, kawan kita yang dulu suka bermekap-mekap dan bercantik-cantik trep buat senyuman menawan tu, akhirnya, jadi insan yang betul-betul menjaga peribadinya, macam Kakak Wani kamu. Waktu tu, Kakak Masfara kawan yang duduk sebelahnya, selalu bercerita dan bergosip pasal benda. 

Kadang-kadang, kita tidak sedar, ada kawan kita yang sama 4 digit nombor IC nya di belakang, macam Kakak Cidak dan Kakak Masfara, hampir bertumbuk dan tarik tudung, sebab kononnya, Kakak Cidak, salah tulis, rupanya memang betul. Nasib baik Kakak Masfara cool.

Kadang-kadang, kita tidak sedar, ada kawan yang kita pernah jumpa sebelum masuk sekolah dulu, sampai sekarang namanya akan meniti di bibir yang tidak seksi ini. Contohnya,  setiap kali Kakak Masfara jumpa kawan baru, Kakak Masfara akan cerita pasal nama Kakak Cinta pergi orang lain. Betapa nama Kakak Cinta ini sangat popular. 

Kadang-kadang, kita tidak sedar, ada persahabatn yang dulunya, kuat bergaduh dan konon sama-sama tidak layan sesama sendiri dan terasa sampai bla bla bla, akhirnya, berkawan sampai berdekad lamanya dan sanggup buat aktiviti gila. Contohnya, Kakak Mia dan Kakak Masfara dulu suka curi-curi keluar asrama dan balik rumah. Dan, waktu Kakak Masfara baru pandai memandu, waktu tu hujan, baru ja lepas hantar Kakak Cinta, balik rumah, Kakak Mia, jadi tukang lap cermin, sampai dia keluarkan kepalanya dari tingkap untuk lap cermin depan sebab berkabus, sebab waktu itu, kakak Masfara tidak tahu guna wiper. 

Kadang-kadang, kita tidak sedar ada persahabatan yang berkekalan sampai bila-bila, disebabkan satu private message yang tolong tenangkan hati yang lara ini. Contohnya, Kakak Zuraifah, hantar message dengan Kakak Masfara, waktu kakak Masfara tengah berduka cita. 

Kesimpulannya, jadilah macam kakak Masfara. Bye.