It's weekend that I have always been waiting for the whole working days. It's weekend that is the best day to start doing silly things, exploring places, cafe hopping, and of course a good time for the body to gain extra weight. Well, the last word is not cool.

Listed all the to-do-list on a piece of payperr and settle them one by one. One thing for sure, If I don't have any planning to go outside, the to-do-list will remain as to-do-list until Sunday. It's best to spend some activity outside of college, in order to help me finish the works. Well, thing just don't go as what we have planned, staying for 3 nights at the room, without stepping outside of this floor to the stairs was really an achievement.

On Friday, I bought angel hairs, tomato paste, sausages, safflower oil and many things related to the cooking event. I finally came up with the decision, to cook during weekends in order to control my food intake, in terms of sugar, protein, fat, carbo, sodium and related nutrients, you name it. Believe me, I did not eat rice for 3 days. My carbo sources were from angel hairs and wholegrain breads. To sum up everything, cooking during weekends.... was not really a good idea. It's true that I can control my portion and my fat consumption. However, my diet was lacking of greens and protein. OhMy, how much I missed all the fish and seafoods at cafe... and also the greens. I think, I achieved my fiber intake, through the wholegrain products and fruits. Still, I missed the greens. Need to rethink this decision as well as considering other things. Enough of my diet babbling.

Now, its Sunday.. I should stop updating this post, or else, I will regret of not finishing my works.. Ciao!