[WhatsApp Conversations]

Darling, can you please help me to book a flight ticket to KL next week?

Oh, sure dad. I charged you with 6% of GST and 54% of service charge, is that okay? 😜


Dad, what's the details?

*details given*

Few moments later,..

Dad, done!. You may transfer me the money  with the total charges of RMXXXX, since I am your daughter why don't you just send me to the nearest amount, dad? Easier for you and less hassle. Plus, I implied no hidden charges. Hehehe.


Dad, are we going to meet? For weekdays, I am only free after 5pm. Can we meet afterward?


Dad, I am on my way to class. Will forward the flight itinerary to your email soon. Okay?


Dad, which email? Office?


Dad, I want to eat in this place soon, let's go there okay, *Picture sent*


*  *  * * * * * 

Mom said, before they get married, dad was the one who kept sending her letters with love shapes in red-coloured-pen. I was like, MOM, HE REPLIED ME WITH CONTINOUS OKAY EVERYTIME I WHATSAPP-ED HIM.

Not so bad eh dad.