I am no kidding, this is my table browsing for some informations on the cloud. 

You know you are in Out-patient Clinical Training when time flies so fast. In two days, I am going to end my week 4 of this attachment and entered my very final week of OPD. InsyaAllah Amin.

With the same rolling routine every nights, in which you need to study, to search for the infos, to finish your ADIME documentations, to practise talking to the patients, to read some of the notes for tomorrows appointments and trying to find some time to balance your social life with updating blog, Instagram, scrolling on Twitter and Facebook, searching for the gossips and many more. All in one night.

The moment you wake up every morning, with the laziness to wake up from the bed, but still forcing yourself to perform your Subuh Prayer, to tidy up your bed and your room, to shower, to prepare yourself, not forgotten, the episodes of running down the stairs from the fourth floor to the ground, trying so hard to run after the bus, and the perks: being one of the earlybirds who came to clinic, but spare some time to lepak while having a breakfast in front of the ENT Clinic, which is 100 steps from Dietitian Clinics just to wait for 8.30 am. 1 hour to relax before the clinic started.

8.30 am is the time to express how much life is so cruel to us. Dying of anxiety accompanied with so many if..

What if I can't answer my patient questions?
What if I am being scolded in front of the patient?
What if I can't perform very well and does not meet my preceptors and lecturers expectations?
And so many what if..

Guess, the confidence level is increases. I remember, during the early weeks, I can't even sleep, kept on reading till I felt sleepy. But now, everything seems to be in pace. Tomorrow I will be meeting the patients, and as a prep,  I just need to read through all the infos and ready to start the session. Points are, confidence level to speak up and to advise patient on their  specific diet getting improved.

See, still have a time to update the blog!