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I always plan on to do a blog about 360 revolving restaurant and after almost a year, only I brag about this place. I had my birthday dinner here last year with Aily and basically what I can comment on this place :

  1. It was pricey and did not meet my expectations. Each head will pay RM200++ but on that night, the place was so crowded and the space between each table was so close enough. (It was for the couple section) I bet everyone wants to sit near to the glass so that they can see the whole KL from this restaurant. Frankly speaking, from the bottom of my heart RM400++ was actually paid for the view.
  2. The food section is following the island-kitchen-styles. Which means, we have to go to the center and passing thru the couples who sat near to the foods section. In which I think, makes me dislikes this place.

  1. The restaurant is revolving around 360 degrees, which is quite unique and I like this feature so much. You can revolve while eating. HAHA. 
  2. Though this place is protocol-maniac, I actually liked when I and Aily had the entourage to bring us from down to the up level. Waited at the lounge (I bet because they want to confirm that our place is 100% perfect) until the person-in charge call ours. I felt like such an important person haha
  3. The foods were so delicious and but not so many selections (still many).  I know it will make us full, but at least, why don't they just put 360 varieties of menu? since they were so absorbed with this 360 degree thingy? Anyway, I like the foods and the varieties. Being greedy, I always want to see much variety on it.
  4. Aside from the little space between the people, the place was so ambience. So nice and so perfect.