Though the title is the same like the previous previous previous blogposts, but I had enough of those clinical stories for now. I have been 'limping' through the week. I wanted to let my mind away from clinical thingy. Guys, I realized, for the past 3 weeks, I did not consume any greens and just taking Aubergine for my vegetable portion. Like seriously, I was a vegetables-hater, but slowly I get into it. Staying in a hostel really taught you what life is. Aside from being independent, I learnt many simple things that we might not take it into account. I observed friends, eating veggies and it was such a shameful moment sitting with them and being the only one who did not eat veggies. So, I tried to eat and eat and eat. Did not I chew nor literally eat! I SWALLOWED THE GREENS IN ONE GO. Yes, in fact, the only veggies I like at that moment was Aubergine. It's always will be. So, don't ever blame me when I put this eggplant thingy on top of the list. After all, I don't like vegetables, but I really love fruits. At least, I appreciated one of the natural fiber sources. Contradict so much.

I complained about not taking greens, but I never fail to make sure myself to consume at least 2 fruits a day. Nutritionally-wise, a normal person should consume 3 serving of vegetables and 2 servings of  fruits in a day. I guess, I am lacking of the vegetable thingy, as I only consumed veggies during lunch and sometimes for dinner. Done talking about the nutrition!

Points to ponder:

1) Eat vegetables 3 serving a day and 2 servings of fruits.

I would suggest you to eat vegetables during breakfast, lunch and dinner. As for the Malaysian, I understand that we are more to kuih-muih and Nasi lemak for breakfast. Then, its best for you to consume two types of veggies for your lunch and another one for dinner. Another option is, just take one serving during lunch, one for dinner and half serving for morning tea and afternoon tea. Well, the last option is for the one who are veggies-addict. Are you?

For the fruits, I recommend you to take during lunch and dinner or maybe for your snacking? I guess many of us, of course, do not have any problem of the fruits consumption right. After all, it's your choice. Just make sure your fiber intake is within the recommendation. Stay healthy and pretty! Will you?

 If you have any problem, don't forget to let me know. I will try my best to answer. Btw, I noticed many of you like to send me enquiry thru FB messenger and Instagram. I tell you guys, you have made the right decision!.

Oh, before I forgot, today I drank 3 sips of Dutchlady Full Cream milk. Not bad. Puan Hana (Lecturer/Dietitian) was so nice. She asked us to buy 4 boxes of skimmed milk at the mart, but it was sold out. Hence, the only option was full cream milk. It was actually interesting that she does not know that I did not drink milk. To show how much we appreciate her, I drink the milk IN FRONT OF HER. 3 SIPS. NOT BAD. GREAT ACHIVEMENT FOR TODAY.

p/s: Remember when I mentioned above about letting my mind away from clinical thingy? I failed guys. I always relate this and that. Need to face it after all. Good luck everyone!.