Has anyone of you had noticed what time did I posted this entry? Yes. You are right. It's in the morning. Last night I kept on yawning so I decided to sleep early. Early means before 12 am, to no avail, I only managed to sleep at 1 am. As a consequent of staying up late almost everyday, I wake up so late. It's getting worst baby. Starting from 4 am, to 6 am, to 8 am, to 11 am, and the peak was on 12 pm guys. Not a healthy behaviour of a girl. Gotta change now. Today was the mark. I woke up at 5.40 am guys.

In contrast to my family, they are so morning people, I guess, it was because of the commitment that they had, so they feel the need to wake up so early. Even my dad and mom wake up at 4 am EVERYDAY. 

Aily told me please check on him at 6.30 am, because he has a meeting at 9 am, so he needs to get ready because he had this free coupon breakfast at the place he's staying. I told him, nay, because I am gonna wake up so late tomorrow. 

Before sleep, I scrolled my Facebook and stopped at one post which posting about some paranormal thingy, and it said, WHEN YOU SUDDENLY WAKE UP FROM YOUR SLEEP AT 2 - 3 AM, THERE MIGHT SOMETHING WERE STARING AT YOU. Crap! I put my phone aside and was thinking of should I sleep now? I was so afraid that I am going to wake up at 2. I just sleep. 

I was awakened at 5 something and forced myself to sleep and not dare to open my eyes, because I still remember the crappy thing that I read on FB last night. I do not dare even to see the watch. Suddenly, I heard mom's doing something outside the living room and only I dare to open my eyes. Oh, its 5.40 am.  Good. Going to wake up now. 

I believe when you wake up so early, you will get more benefits in your life. To be a morning person is a goal. Hehe. Hopefully. But not to brag, I was a morning person before, because my mom was so particular with this thing, so no one would ever dare to wake up so late. But, everything changed now, the moment my mom saw me did not sleep the whole night just to finish my thesis, makes her realized that she should let me rest. Mom is a bit lenient than before! 

But it was no good. I should follow my mom attitude to be early like a bird. Hence, Good Morning world!. 

Until then!