Guys, remember when I told you on my last post about my goal of wanting to be a morning person. I did guys, really. I really did. I know it is too early to brag, but who cares, today I woke up at 5 am, even parents were so shocked of my 'achievement'.

I feel sluggish and lazy all the time if I happened to wake up so late. Hopefully, this will be the end of the period of my laziness. Hopefullllyyyy..

One more thing, I am now in KL. It is actually K-Hell. I don't know why I really hate KL so much. Kidding. I actually know why my hatred upon KL is as thicker as your medical books. Because I study here.  KL is the place where my stress is born. I believe if I were, not one of the students, I will be gladly said that I love KL. But wait, is this really applied to the one who study abroad?

It takes almost 3 hours to be landed in KL from Tawau. During my flight, I sat beside one Chinese uncle and we had a very long conversation which takes an hour to finish. At least, I successfully killed my one hour. So, 2 hours to go. I closed my eyes and only God knows at what time I was falling asleep.

It was nice to have this conversation with this uncle, his name is Tsen. We talked about politics and government thingy, ethnicity in Sabah, places we have been before and many things. Towards the end of our conversation, I told Uncle Tsen about the cabin bag that I brought into the plane, and told him I also have 2 cargos, and he expressed his shocked face.

Of the whole conversation we had, this is really catching my attention.

Why do you have to bring many things? Did you bring all the stuffs you had back in Semporna? 

No, we had this 3 months break, so all of the students need to clear their stuffs at the college, so do I. Above from that, women meant to bring so many things. 

Haha. You see ah girl, the majority of men listens to women, because the word itself says that, MEN inside the WOMEN.  That is why we tend to listen to our wife. On the other hand, without MEN, women will be only WO. After MEN were added, then  it will complete. WOMEN. They need each other. 

Wow!. Such a nice philosophy you have!. Going to blog about this. 

P/S: I met someone who was a tyrant and a bully during  our kindergarten days.