It is my routine to get my hair cut before going back to KL .So I went to one of the not-so-famous 'barber' shop and obviously I don't know about the service that I'll be getting from them. To give it a try is an expensive life experience. So, why not.

I risked my hair to this woman and she asked me what kind of hair cut style that  I wanted from her? This will always be the hardest question ever that I got from the hair stylist, so, I told her that, last time I got this round  and elegant style at the bottom at my hair and explained to her that I want something like that, but I don't want this round-bottom again. Plus, I don't want it to be that short.. as long as I can tie it up, then it would be okay. She nodded. I added to her that I also want a wispy bangs. Just follow the style of my last bangs, but  make it shorter. Understood she said.  She asked me if I want to make it short up to the shoulder level. I said, okay. Shoulder level is nice.

From what I saw, she is a senior hair-stylist.

Where did you got your last hair cut?

Oh, it was from my dad's hair stylist at Tawau.

Which part?

Somewhere around Marco Polo. 

How much they charged you?

I don't remember, it depends on the person, as for my last hair-style, it was styled by the professional one, apparently the price was expensive, but that time, my dad paid it for me, so, I paid nothing. I told her with laugh.

Our conversation went well. But I had some dislike feelings toward her skills. I don't know why. I just covered it with smiles.

My hair was done. I don't know what to comment. I remember how mesmerised I was of the end product of my hair styled by my dad's hair-stylist but not to this one.

It was from the senior stylist. Can you imagine what will happen if my hair done by the junior?
Greatest dissatisfaction. I swear, this would be my first and last time get my hair-cut from this shop. Rated them 5/10.

The moment I came home, I showed my parents of my new hair-cut and luckily my sister in law was there too.

Wow, now your Chinese-side is appeared. Said parents

Your hair-style resembled Korean. Sister in law told me.

Positive comments. Now, going to that shop was not a bad idea I guess. Smirk.

P/S : After bathe, I found my hair-cut is just nice. BUT I DONT LIKE IT.