Before the semester break, I listed down every of my plans on my mind just to make sure that I'll be doing and achieving those during the semester breaks. That includes working during this break, which was a pretty big and decent plan I always had. I asked dad if he could give me some spot in his office, and he said YES. Thats when my motivation was on rise, and I bet dad's motivation too. 

A week after that, was our Raya, so I basically had this amazing time being at home, I love how relax I was and apparently, was lazy to do anything. Like, you are a girl, laziness should not be in your dictionary. Obviously I had a smirk on my face when I asked dad about my request to be one of his worker. He showed me his uninterested face of my application. I know guys, he knows how lazy my performance and THAT WAS MY BIGGEST MISTAKE THAT I SHOULD NOT REVEAL TO MY AMOST-SOON-TO-BE BOSS. So, the story of my application stop at that moment. Fuhh. Plus, I was thinking of, WHY SHOULD I WORK IF I CAN RELAX AT MY HOME. Yes, this kind of attitude is no joke okay, this could ruin yourself. Wake up. Plan to find a job or working in dad's office was fail. 

OMG, I am not trying to forget how suck my life during the period of completion the thesis. Lets skip that part. Boring. 

I planned to go to Japan, but everything burnt just like that, can I say that is not the fault on my star? How much I try to make everything softer and smooth, everything just go down. So, let it be down. Am not the one who likes to give up, but, when the circumstances hit you so much, and hurdles keep on coming, so who you are to run if Allah says so?

Compare to last year, I had this longer time to mingle with my bestfriends and we managed to spend time together, though some of us were not in the district at that time, but everything just went well. 

Major changes on myself that I could see now, I am positive over kitchen. LOL. Not to brag, but yes I do. 

Until then. See ya!