If anyone of you who knew me, of course you will know that I don't know and never know  how to ride a bicycle. On last weekend, my friends and I went to Tasik Titiwangsa and they told me they wanna ride a bicycle, of course they know that I DONT KNOW HOW TO RIDE THAT ANIMAL. Being an awesome friends they are, they taught me to cycle!. That was so cool. Feeling like taking a new driving license!  can you feel how the excitement goes? Yes, I was so excited.

We rent 2 sets of bicycles. 1 with a single rider and another 1 was pairing. Of course, I was on the pairing set, the only thing I know, I cycled that effortlessly. HAHA. Well, I don't have to do the balancing, Adek was the one who controlled that. We gathered at the assembly place where people just sat and chatting to each other. Less hassle. So, they told me to ride the single rider. Yes, I did it. I had some failing episodes, but as a first timer, it was a great achievement I could say.

The only problem I could not handle was, how to brake nicely. At one point, I can handle it well, but, when the panic attack comes and I saw many people were coming towards me, I just suddenly stop cycling and without good control of the brake handles. Auch, it was pain.  That was hilarious, when I saw a group of men came towards me, and I prayed nothing went wrong and pray so that I don't fall in front of their eyes. Well, typical girl wanted to lift her pride up. Just a typical girl. haha. Alhamdulillah,  I cycled excellently!.

It took me about an hour to practice and I achieved almost 80% of the confidence level to cycle alone, except for the brake thingy. But, I am not sure either I can still cycle or no soon, as I do not practice and I don't know when is the right and free times come.

Hopefully, I still can cycle and consider that as my favourite physical activity, as you all know, I am the laziest person to jog and doing any physical activity. But, I guess no more. I am getting physically active by day. Let's pray for the best for each and every one of us. May Allah bless us, stay healthy and spread the positivity.

I originally wanted to upload my photo here, but, after I reconsider of many things, I changed my mind and don't upload any of the photos related to it, as I do not properly keep my aurah. It's not that I suddenly changed or wanted to show how 'alim' I am. Through the period of time, we have to  think of the consequences of the things that we do either it is for us or for our family. Everyone wants to change to be a better person. So do I. The hardest thing is, how do you maintain it?

Anyway, thanks to the girlfriends who taught me to cycle, they do not want their name to be revealev on insta, hence, I typed them here as a memory and my future kids can dig in here if they wanted to know their mom's story. Woah, so cute. haha. The coaches that have the willingness to teach me, were Era and Adek. Thank you girls. :)

If you come from Instagram, then you already know the answer right!.

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You will never too late to try and learn anything.